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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
11954-55 Dolph Schayes Syracuse Nationals Player-Worn Jacket (Only One Known • Championship Season • Schayes Family LOA)$25,286.00
21961 Dolph Schayes Game-Used NBA All-Star Jersey (Graded 10 • Schayes Family LOA)$27,815.00
31966-67 Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors Game-Used "Cable Car" Durene Jersey (Graded 10 • Highly Desirable One Year Style)$14,272.00
4Early 1970s Walt Frazier New York Knicks Game-Used Jersey (Graded 10 • Sourced From Trainer)$10,454.00
5Circa 1976 "Pistol" Pete Maravich New Orleans Jazz Game-Used Road Jersey (Sourced From Team Employee) $4,167.00
6Circa 1976 "Pistol" Pete Maravich New Orleans Jazz Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (Rare • Sourced From Team Employee)$13,915.00
7Circa 1982 Michael Jordan North Carolina Tar Heels Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Converse Shoes (Basketball HOF LOA • Sourced From Sotheby's Via MJs Cousin • Full JSA)$65,591.00
81984 Michael Jordan North Carolina ACC All-Stars Basketball Classic Game-Used Jersey (MJs First Pro Jersey • Tournament Organizers LOA & Extensive Documentation)$16,500.00
91984-85 Chicago Bulls Team-Signed Basketball Including Rookie Michael Jordan (Full JSA & PSA/DNA)$4,608.00
10Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Rookie Era Autographed Framed Player Card (Sourced From Bulls Assistant Coach • Full JSA)$1,612.00
111987-88 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Home Uniform (2)(MVP Season)$10,871.00
121987-88 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (Graded 10 • Sourced From The Equipment Manager • MVP Season • Full JSA)$33,657.00
131998 Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls NBA Finals Game 6 Game-Used Warm-Up Jacket (Championship Season • Sourced From Ball Boy)$1,774.00
141998 Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls NBA Finals Game 6 Game-Used Warm-Up Shooting Shirt (Championship Season • Sourced From Ball Boy)$4,189.00
151997-98 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Air Jordan XIII Shoes (Championship & MVP Season)$3,461.00
161997-98 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Black Alternate Uniform (2)(Championship Season & MVP Season)$10,454.00
171997-98 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Air Jordan XIII Shoes (Championship & MVP Season)$6,748.00
181987-88 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Player-Worn Shooting Shirt (MVP Season)$6,748.00
192001-02 Michael Jordan Washington Wizards Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10 • MeiGray • UDA • 23 Point Performance)$49,279.00
20Circa 1979 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Rookie Era Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$8,860.00
21Mid 1980s Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (Full JSA)$7,853.00
221998 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Western Conference Finals Game 2 Game-Used & Autographed Shoes (Photo-Matched • Gifted From Kobe To Ball Boy Postgame • Full JSA)$18,522.00
231999-00 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (Championship Season • Wilt Chamberlain Armband • Full JSA)$11,693.00
2411/28/2014 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Kobe IX Elite Shoes (Photo-Matched)$20,375.00
253/6/2016 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Uniform (2)(Photo-Matched & Graded 10)$54,207.00
26Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O'Neal Dual-Signed Spalding Basketball (MINT • Panini & JSA Witnessed COA)$3,076.00
271983-84 Larry Bird Boston Celtics Game-Used Home Knit Jersey (Championship Season • Season & Finals MVP • Team Employee LOA)$5,363.00
28Circa 1987 Dennis Johnson Boston Celtics Player-Worn & Autographed Warm-Up Jacket$1,183.00
291987-88 Larry Bird Boston Celtics Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Knit Jersey (Graded 10 • Sourced From Celtics Equipment Manager • Full JSA)$8,639.00
301988-89 Larry Bird Boston Celtics Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket$3,461.00
311997-98 Clyde Drexler Houston Rockets Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10 • Equipment Manager Family LOA • Final Season)$3,146.00
32Mid 1980s Clyde Drexler Portland Trail Blazers Rookie Era Game-Used Jersey (Graded 10)$4,608.00
33Circa 1968 Terry Dischinger Detroit Pistons Game-Used Durene Jersey (Graded 10)$1,433.00
342/15/2006 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Uniform (2)(Photo-Matched & Graded A10 • Double-Double Performance)$12,863.00
35LeBron James Miami Heat Promo Shoot Worn & Dual-Autographed Black Uniform (2)(UDA • 1/1)$25,071.00
362006-07 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Game-Used & Autographed Zoom LeBron 4 PE Shoes (UDA • MINT Auto)$4,189.00
372003-04 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Game-Used Rookie Debut Summer League Reversible Jersey (First Professional Jersey • Orlando Magic Exec LOA)$36,100.00
38Circa 1955 Ray Felix New York Knicks Game-Used Durene Jersey (Rare Style)$2,148.00
39Circa 1968 Jim Barnett San Diego Rockets Player-Worn Shooting Shirt (Very Rare • Barnett LOA)$1,735.00
401975-76 Kevin Joyce San Diego Sails ABA Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (Joyce LOA)$1,433.00
411974 & 1976 New York Nets ABA World Championship Banners (2)(Hung In The Nassau Coliseum)$3,146.00
421960s Geese Ausbie Harlem Globetrotters Game-Used Durene Jersey$3,808.00
43Circa 1984 Karl Malone Louisiana Tech Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (HA Documentation)$1,612.00
441985-86 Len Bias Maryland Terrapins Game-Used Gold Jersey (Rare)$9,882.00
452007-08 Russell Westbrook UCLA Bruins Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Graded 10 • Obtained From UCLA Fundraising Auction)$3,076.00
461984 Olympic Basketball Team-Signed Program With Pre-Rookie Jordan (Sourced From Teammate • Full JSA)$7,500.00
471992 Magic Johnson USA Olympic Basketball "Dream Team" Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Full JSA)$10,454.00
481992 Michael Jordan USA Olympic Basketball "Dream Team" Game-Used & Autographed Blue Uniform (2)(Mint UDA Sig • Full JSA)$32,818.00
491996 Scottie Pippen USA Olympic Basketball Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Air More Uptempo Shoes (Photo-Matched • Sourced From Pippen • Full JSA)$7,139.00
502000 Sydney Olympics Men's USA Basketball Gold Medal Presented to Vin Baker (Baker LOA • Basketball HOF LOA)$59,628.00
511948 Bowman Basketball Partial Set (52)(Vast Majority PSA NM-MT 8)$17,511.00
521961 Fleer Basketball Near Complete Set (56)(Almost All PSA MINT 9)$70,352.00
531996 Topps Finest Kobe Bryant Rookie #74 (5)(4 Graded PSA GEM MT 10 • 4 With Coating)$4,189.00
542003-04 Upper Deck "Exquisite Collection" Basketball Unopened Hobby Box$32,818.00
551989 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Matched To 11/27 3 TD Performance • Shipping Slip From Equipment Manager • MEARS A10 • Full JSA)$18,997.00
561965 Joe Namath AFL New York Jets Game-Used Durene Rookie Jersey (Multiple Photo-Matches & Graded 10 • Equipment Manager Family LOA)$98,525.00
57Circa 1973 John Riggins New York Jets Game-Used Helmet$1,210.00
58Early 1970s Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Graded 10 • Full JSA)$9,503.00
5910/25/2015 J.J. Watt Houston Texans Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (NFL PSA/DNA • Photo-Matched)$7,139.00
601976 Dwight White Pittsburgh Steelers Game-Used & Autographed Durene Jersey (Member Of The Famed Steel Curtain Defense)$2,148.00
611980s Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams Game-Used & Autographed Helmet$5,069.00
622001 Rod Woodson Baltimore Ravens Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Photo-Matched To Multiple Games Including Record Breaking 10th INT Touchdown Return • Graded 10 • Woodson LOA)$2,363.00
632019 Patrick Peterson Arizona Cardinals Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched)$1,909.00
64Circa 1972 Billy Kilmer Washington Redskins Game-Used Helmet$3,076.00
652009 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers Game-Used Home Jersey (Matched To 11/15 2 TD Performance • Chargers LOA)$2,541.00
661993 Reggie White Green Bay Packers Game-Used Home Jersey (Outstanding Wear W Multiple Repairs)$8,166.00
672000 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (Favre LOA • Photos Of Him Signing • Full JSA)$3,146.00
68Circa 1973 Drew Pearson Dallas Cowboys Rookie Era Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$2,100.00
691992 Charles Haley Dallas Cowboys Playoffs Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Equipment Manager LOA)$4,957.00
701994 Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys Game-Used & Autographed Throwback Jersey (Sourced From Team • Rare One Game Style • Full JSA)$9,503.00
711934 First Ever NFL All-Star Game Featuring The Champion Bears Dual Team-Signed Football (Only One Known • Outstanding Condition • Masterson Family LOA • Full JSA)$4,875.00
721934 Bernie Masterson First Ever NFL All-Star Game-Used Uniform (2)(Masterson Family LOA • Only One Known)$3,025.00
731934 Bernie Masterson Chicago Bears Rookie Era Player-Worn Jacket (Family LOA • Only Known Extant)$4,189.00
74Early 1930s Bernie Masterson Nebraska Cornhuskers Game-Used Jersey & Letterman Sweater (2)(Masterson Family LOA)$2,310.00
751930s Bernie Masterson Nebraska Cornhuskers Game-Used Leather Helmet With Prototype Facemask (Oldest Surviving Example • Masterson Family LOA)$1,433.00
761915 Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns Game-Used Helmet & Pants (2)(HA Documentation • Earliest Known Red River Rivalry Extant)$1,465.00
781973 Darrell Royal Texas Longhorns Game-Worn Coach's Jacket (From Historic Cotton Bowl Victory)$8,639.00
791969 Herb Norman New York Jets Super Bowl III Championship Ring (Equipment Manager Family LOA • Scarce)$22,413.00
802001 Jake Hallum New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI Championship Ring With Original Presentation Box$20,375.00
811934 United States Federal Reserve $1000 Bill$2,100.00
821934 United States Federal Reserve $500 Bill$1,302.00
83John Wayne Single-Signed Baseball (Full JSA • Only One We Have Seen)$4,028.00
84Jayne Mansfield Single-Signed Baseball (Vintage Photo Documentation • Player LOA • Very Rare • Full JSA)$4,431.00
851972-73 Brian "Spinner" Spencer New York Islanders Inaugural Season Game-Used Durene Jersey (Very Rare)$4,189.00
861997-98 Wayne Gretzky New York Rangers Game-Used Jersey (MeiGray Group Team Tag & LOA)$10,454.00
871977 Pele New York Cosmos Game-Used Jersey (Graded 10 • Sports Writer LOA)$4,431.00
881964 Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston World Heavyweight Championship Full Ticket (PSA)$4,431.00
891993 Dale Earnhardt Sr. NASCAR Race-Worn & Autographed Fire Suit (Photo-Matched To Talladega Victory • Photos Of Him Signing • Full JSA)$13,915.00
901914 Boston Braves "Miracle" World Championship Pin Presented to Team Owner James E Gaffney (MINT • Hobby Fresh • Family LOA • Very Scarce)$54,207.00
91Hugh Duffy 1891 Conley Studio Cabinet Card From Hardy Richardson's Personal Archives (PSA/DNA EX 5 • Estate LOA)$2,860.00
92Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn 1889 G Waldon Smith Cabinet Card From Hardy Richardson's Personal Archives (PSA/DNA • Estate LOA)$20,375.00
93John Clarkson 1889 G Waldon Smith Cabinet Card From Hardy Richardson's Personal Archives (PSA/DNA • Estate LOA)$4,028.00
94"Big" Sam Thompson 1890 MacIntire Bros Cabinet Card From Hardy Richardson's Personal Archives (PSA/DNA • Estate LOA)$3,146.00
951890s Cabinet Cards From Hardy Richardson's Personal Archives (15)(PSA/DNA • Estate LOA)$5,900.00
962009 Bowman Sterling Prospects Mike Trout Autographed (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5 • Autograph Graded 10)$3,808.00
972011 Topps Finest Mike Trout Rookie Gold Refractor Autographed #84 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5 • Autograph Graded 10 • 17/75)$9,503.00
981930s Dizzy Dean Beech-Nut Die Cut Advertising Display (Rare)$888.00
991973 New York Mets National League Championship Ring Presented To Equipment Manager Herb Norman (Family LOA • Rare)$3,146.00
1001982 Rawlings Gold Glove Award Presented To Frank White (White LOA)$7,139.00
1011991 Al Newman Minnesota Twins World Series Championship Players Ring$24,655.00
1021999 Rawlings Gold Glove Award Presented To Robin Ventura$7,139.00
1031944 Clyde "Buzzy" Wares St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Ring$16,838.00
104Lou Brock's 1967 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Trophy Display$733.00
1051967 Lorbeer St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Ring$3,993.00
1061982 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Trophy $3,384.00
1072006 Timo Perez St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Players Ring$12,650.00
108Absolutely Stunning Babe Ruth Autographed B&W 8x10 Photo (Full JSA)$12,650.00
1091931 Dizzy Dean St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Season Signed Players Contract & Transfer Docs (3)(Full JSA)$5,363.00
1101964 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals Players Signed Contract (World Series MVP Season • Full JSA)$2,363.00
1111947 Ty Cobb Handwritten & Autographed Two Page Letter With Tremendous Flying Spikes Content (Full JSA) $7,139.00
1121925 Detroit Tigers Team-Signed OAL Baseball W Ty Cobb (Full JSA)$3,384.00
113Babe Ruth Single-Signed & Inscribed "To Mike" OAL Baseball (Full JSA)$6,134.00
114Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Dual-Signed Baseball (Sigs Display On Same Panel • Full JSA)$6,134.00
1151920s Babe Ruth Single-Signed Baseball (Full JSA)$5,576.00
116Babe Ruth Single-Signed B&W Photo (Full PSA/DNA)$5,453.00
1171927 New York Yankees "Murderers Row" Team-Signed OAL Baseball Featuring Ruth & Gehrig (Championship Season)$3,076.00
1181935 New York Yankees Type 1 Team Signed 8x10 Photo Loaded With 21 Sigs Including High-Grade Gehrig (PSA/DNA Auto Grade 8 • Full JSA)$4,028.00
1191933 New York Yankees Team-Signed OAL Baseball Including Bold Ruth On Sweet Spot (Full JSA • PSA/DNA)$8,639.00
1201951 New York Yankees Team-Signed OAL Baseball With Mantle & DiMaggio (Full JSA • Championship Season)$3,146.00
1215/10/1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Team-Signed ONL Baseball With Robinson & Campanella (Championship Season • Newcombe One Hit Shutout Performance • Full JSA)$4,608.00
122George Brett Single-Signed & Inscribed "Fuck You" OAL Baseball (Full JSA)$875.00
123Dizzy Dean Single-Signed Baseball (Full JSA • PSA/DNA)$733.00
124Bold Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris Dual-Signed OAL Baseball (Rare Same Panel Signatures • Full JSA)$4,431.00
125Zack Wheat Single-Signed & Inscribed Baseball (Full PSA/DNA)$1,433.00
1261951 Hall Of Fame Game Scorecard Signed By Jackie Robinson, Jimmie Foxx, Roy Campanella & Others With Hall Of Fame Pin (2)(Full PSA/DNA)$1,302.00
127Michael Jordan & Mike Trout Dual-Signed & Inscribed "Be Like Mike" Baseball (Upper Deck & MLB Authenticated • Rare)$3,808.00
1288/25/1979 Willie McCovey Game-Used Autographed & Inscribed Career Home Run #520 Baseball (Full JSA LOA) $1,909.00
1298/22/1998 Mark McGwire Game-Used Autographed & Inscribed Home Run #52 Baseball (70 HR Season • Notarized LOA • Full JSA)$1,433.00
1301911 Frank "Home Run' Baker Philadelphia Athletics Home Run Trophy Baseball$0.00
1311920s George "High Pockets" Kelly Game-Used & Autographed Glove (Sourced From Family • Full JSA) $2,148.00
1321942 George "Whitey" Kurowski St. Louis Cardinals World Series Game-Used Home Run Bat From 9th Inning (Championship Season • PSA/DNA GU 10 • Decided The World Series)$8,639.00
1331964 Mickey Mantle World Series Game-Used Home Run #17 Baseball (Notarized LOA • Heritage & MEARS)$20,897.00
1341985 Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs Game-Used & Autographed Glove (Apparent-Match • PSA/DNA)$7,853.00
1351994-95 Michael Jordan Birmingham Barons Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA GU10)$20,375.00
136Circa 1996 Derek Jeter New York Yankees Rookie Era Game-Used & Autographed "ROY 96" Bat (PSA/DNA)$5,363.00
1372009 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Home Run Game-Used & Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA GU9 • Photo-Matched) $5,900.00
1382007 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants Game-Used & Autographed Bat (Bonds COA • Photo-Matched To Multiple Games • Final Season • Full JSA)$5,363.00
1392008 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Home Run #533 Bat (JSA • PSA/DNA GU 10)$3,384.00
140Circa 2007 Mariano Rivera New York Yankees Game-Used Glove (PSA/DNA)$4,028.00
1411956 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Road Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10 • Rare One Year Style • PSA/DNA • Full JSA)$49,279.00
1421959 Frankie Frisch St. Louis Cardinals Old-Timers Worn Flannel Uniform, Cap, Belt & Socks (5)(Graded 10)$3,723.00
1431967 Mike Shannon St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey (Graded 10 • Championship Season • Very Rare)$2,541.00
1441973 Joe Torre St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Jersey (Rare)$1,433.00
1451975-76 Keith Hernandez St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Jersey (Graded 9)$1,577.00
1461977 Ted Simmons St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Powder Blue Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10)$2,796.00
1471979 Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Jersey (Final Season)$3,146.00
1481982 Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Powder Blue Jersey (Graded 9+ • Championship Season • Ken Boyer Armband • Full JSA)$3,808.00
1491963 Eddie Mathews Milwaukee Braves Game-Used & Autographed Road Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 9 • Full JSA)$15,700.00
1501993 Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves Rookie Debut Game-Used Spring Training Jersey (Likely First MLB Jersey)$2,860.00
1511994 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves Game-Used Road Jersey (Cy Young Season)$3,723.00
1521973 Steve Carlton Philadelphia Phillies Game-Used & Autographed Powder Blue Jersey (Photo-Matched • Full JSA)$4,875.00
1531969 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Home Jersey (Full JSA)$5,069.00
1541988 Andre Dawson Chicago Cubs Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$2,100.00
155Circa 1969 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs Game-Used Helmet (Fantastic Example)$13,155.00
1561967 Jerry Grote New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Home Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched • Photo Of Grote Signing)$4,957.00
1572001 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Bonds Authenticated • 73 HR & MVP Season • Full JSA)$3,076.00
1581980 Tim Raines Montreal Expos Game-Used Home Jersey (Graded 9)$2,310.00
1591982 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds Game-Used Road Jersey (PE Custom Tapered Sides)$2,860.00
1601962 Willie Davis Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey (HA Documentation)$1,183.00
1611995 Tommy Lasorda Los Angeles Dodgers Manager-Worn & Autographed Road Jersey (Photo-Matched • 35th Season Patch)$888.00
1622000 Ichiro Suzuki Orix Blue Wave Nippon Professional Baseball Game-Used Jersey (Scarce)$12,863.00
1631973 Nolan Ryan California Angels Game-Used Home Jersey (Outstanding Wear)$8,639.00
1641980s Nolan Ryan Houston Astros Player-Worn & Autographed Sweater (Ryan Hologram • Rare)$1,433.00
165Mid 1980s Nolan Ryan Houston Astros Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Full JSA)$3,808.00
1661990 Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers "300th Win" Player-Worn Jacket (Photo-Matched To July 31, 1990 • Ryan Ks 8 In 300th Career Victory)$3,328.00
1671992 Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers Game-Used Home Uniform (2)$3,723.00
1681971 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Home Jersey (Graded 9+ • Sourced From Family • Championship Season)$8,639.00
1692016 Gary Sanchez New York Yankees Game-Used Home Jersey (First Career Multi HR Game • Photo-Matched • Steiner • MLB Authenticated)$1,302.00
1701996 Derek Jeter New York Yankees Rookie Game-Used Home Jersey (MEARS A10 • Likely Worn On '97 Pinnacle Card)$79,367.00
1711928 Johnny Neun Detroit Tigers Game-Used Flannel Uniform (2)(Very Rare)$7,700.00
1721944 Denny Galehouse St. Louis Browns World Series Game-Used & Autographed Flannel Uniform (2)(Graded 10 • Sourced From Galehouse)$5,576.00
1731965 Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins Game-Used & Autographed Home Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10 • World Series Year • Full JSA)$30,597.00
1741970 Frank Robinson Baltimore Orioles World Series Game-Used & Autographed Home Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 9 • World Championship Season • Full JSA)$22,987.00
1751957 Bobby Morgan Chicago Cubs Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey (Extremely Rare One-Year Style)$10,871.00
1761971 Bob Johnson Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Home Uniform & Stirrups (3)(Graded 10 • Championship Season • Likely Worn In Postseason)$1,075.00
1771993 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners Game-Used Glove (PSA/DNA)$4,189.00
1781934 Chicago Cubs Team-Signed B&W Photo (Sourced From Players Family) $666.00
179High Grade Jackie Robinson Autographed Wire Photo From "The Jackie Robinson Story" $1,433.00
1801993 Upper Deck SP Foil Derek Jeter Rookie #279 (Beckett NM-MT 8)$500.00
1811988 Gary Sheffield El Paso Diablos Game-Used & Autographed Pre-Rookie Minor League Jersey (Photo-Matched • Rare)$0.00
1821998 Gary Sheffield Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used Road Jersey (Photo-Matched • 40th Anniversary Patch)$500.00
1832011 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Ring$7,423.00
1841930s Babe Ruth Single-Signed OAL Baseball (Beckett LOA) $1,909.00
186300 Game Winners Multi-Signed ONL Baseball$204.00
1871940 Philadelphia Phillies Team-Signed ONL Baseball (Full JSA)$250.00
188Rogers Hornsby Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$3,384.00
189Nellie Fox Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$2,070.00
190Walt Alston Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$368.00
191Roger Maris Single-Signed & Inscribed Baseball$1,060.00
192Casey Stengel Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$491.00
193Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter & George W. Bush Multi-Signed & Inscribed OML Baseball$722.00
194President George H.W. Bush Single-Signed OAL Baseball (PSA/DNA)$368.00
195Gil Hodges Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$541.00
196Mickey Cochrane Single-Signed & Inscribed OAL Baseball$2,070.00
197Dizzy Dean Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$656.00
198Mickey Mantle & Ted Williams Single-Signed OAL Baseballs (2)$596.00
199George Steinbrenner Single-Signed OAL Baseball$525.00
2009/18/1998 Mark McGwire Game-Used, Autographed & Inscribed Home Run #64 Baseball (70 HR Season • Full JSA)$1,554.00
201Grouping Of New York Yankees Single-Signed Baseballs (7)$538.00
202Hall Of Famers Single-Signed Baseballs (9)$301.00
203Grouping Of Hall Of Famers & Stars Single-Signed & Inscribed "To Mike" Baseballs Including Mays, DiMaggio, Musial, Seaver, Aaron & More (30)$1,412.00
204Grouping Of Hall Of Famers & Stars Single-Signed Baseballs Including Mays, Banks, Brock, Killebrew & Others (24)$693.00
205Cal Ripken Jr. Single-Signed & Inscribed "2632 Consecutive Games" OAL Baseballs (2)$240.00
2061953 National League All-Stars Team-Signed ONL Baseball With Robinson & Campanella (Full JSA)$2,100.00
2071954 Boston Red Sox Team-Signed OAL Baseball With Williams & Agganis (Full PSA/DNA)$596.00
2081953 New York Yankees Team-Signed Baseball (Championship Season)$1,166.00
209Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris & Whitey Ford Multi-Signed Baseball (Full PSA/DNA & JSA)$1,412.00
210Mickey Mantle Single-Signed & Inscribed "No. 7" OAL Baseball With Original UDA Bag & Box (UDA)$795.00
211Ty Cobb Single-Signed & Inscribed OAL Baseball (Full JSA)$2,277.00
212Tommy Lasorda & Walt Alston Dual-Signed ONL Baseball$0.00
213Darrell Porter St. Louis Cardinals Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$250.00
2141934 St. Louis Cardinals "Gashouse Gang" Team-Signed ONL Baseball Signed in 1959 (Championship Season Anniversary)$1,026.00
2151987 Minnesota Twins Team-Signed OWS Baseball (Championship Season)$324.00
2161982 St. Louis Cardinals Team-Signed OWS Baseball (Championship Season)$491.00
2171972 Pittsburgh Pirates Team-Signed ONL Baseball With Clemente (Clemente's Final Season • Full JSA)$963.00
218Rogers Hornsby Handwritten & Autographed Letter (PSA/DNA)$491.00
219Gabby Hartnett Single-Signed & Inscribed Oversized Photo$200.00
220Ty Cobb Autographed Flying Spikes 8x10 B&W Photo$334.00
221Negro Leagues Fine Arts Post Card Set W/ 26 Autographs (30)$368.00
2223000 Hit Club Multi-Signed OAL Baseball Including Mays, Aaron & Many Others$357.00
2231956 New York Yankees Team-Signed Photo & World Series Game 5 Perfect Game Ticket Stub Single-Signed By Don Larsen Display (Championship Season)$596.00
224Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers Autographed & Inscribed Mitchell & Ness Road Jersey$875.00
2252003 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Home Run Derby & All-Star Workout Day Autographed Jersey (MLB Authenticated • BAT Sports)$2,310.00
226Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Autographed Mitchell & Ness Road Jersey$240.00
2272003 Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals Home Run Derby & All-Star Workout Day Autographed Jersey (MLB Authenticated • BAT Sports)$429.00
228Yogi Berra New York Yankees Autographed & Inscribed Mitchell & Ness Home Jersey$429.00
229Jimmie Foxx Autographed & Inscribed B&W Photo (Full JSA)$636.00
230Hank Greenberg Detroit Tigers Autographed & Inscribed B&W Photo$578.00
231Thurman Munson New York Yankees Autographed B&W Photo (Full JSA)$1,026.00
232Satchel Paige Autographed "Maybe I'll Pitch Forever" Hardcover Book$700.00
233Hank Aaron & Sadaharu Oh Dual-Signed "International Home Run Kings" LE Bat (Full JSA)$472.00
2341997 Fernando Valenzuela St. Louis Cardinals Game-Issued TBTC Powder Blue Jersey$403.00
235Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Billy Martin & Whitey Ford Multi-Signed Framed Display$963.00
2361962 Roger Maris Autographed Magazine Cover$472.00
2372000 Topps HD Autographs Derek Jeter #HDA1 (Beckett MINT 9)$198.00
2382010 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs & Bowman Platinum Relic Autographs Stephen Strasburg (4)(All Graded Beckett MINT 9 • All Autographs Graded 10)$472.00
2392010 Bowman Draft Picks Aflac Autographs & 2011 Bowman Prospects Autographs Bryce Harper (3)(Beckett Graded & Encapsulated)$763.00
2402008 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome Prospects Autographs & 2010 Topps Triple Threads Giancarlo Stanton Rookie #186 (2)$264.00
2412010 Bowman Sterling Rookie Autographs Stephen Strasburg #1 Including A Gold Refractor (4)(Beckett Graded & Encapsulated • All Autographs Graded 10)$520.00
2422010 Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relics Stephen Strasburg (5)(Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 • All Autographs Graded 10)$520.00
2432011 Prime Cuts Timeline Materials Custom Nicknames Rogers Hornsby #4 (Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 • 7/10)$110.00
2442011 Topps Triple Threads Flashback Relics Sandy Koufax #TTFR25 (Beckett Encapsulated • 23/36)$92.00
2452010 Topps Sterling Stats Relics Ty Cobb #SSR74 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5 • 21/25)$148.00
2462010 Topps Triple Threads Legend Relics Jackie Robinson #TTRL24 (Beckett Encapsulated • 35/36)$100.00
2472011 Topps Triple Threads Legend Relics Babe Ruth #TTRL3 (Beckett MINT 9 • 15/36)$163.00
2482011 Topps Tribute Triple Relics Lou Gehrig #TTRLG (2)(Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 & Beckett Authentic)$198.00
2492009 Topps Triple Threads Relics Ichiro Suzuki #TTR21 (Beckett Encapsulated Authentic • 6/36)$0.00
2501982 Topps Baltimore Orioles Future Stars #21 Autographed By Cal Ripken Jr. (PSA/DNA Encapsulated • Autograph Graded GEM MT 10)$148.00
2511958 Topps Ernie Banks #310 (PSA NM 7)$152.00
2521961 Topps Willie Mays #150 Autographed (PSA/DNA Encapsulated Authentic Auto)$291.00
2532012 Topps Triple Threads Mike Trout Unity Autographed Relics #10 (PSA/DNA NM-MT 8 • Auto Graded 10)$491.00
2541963 Topps Rookie Stars #553 (PSA NM 7)$321.00
2551963 Topps Rookie Stars #537 (PSA EX-MT 6)$963.00
2561963 Topps Bob Clemente #540 (PSA EX-MT 6)$163.00
257Paul O'Neill New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$636.00
2581998 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Game-Used Bat (MVP Season)$1,641.00
2591999 Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA GU 8)$1,710.00
2601998 Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Bat (Historic 70 HR Season • PSA/DNA)$795.00
2612003 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$807.00
2621984 Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants All-Star Game Commemorative Bat$250.00
2632008 Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Last Yankee Stadium Home Run Game-Used Baseball (Notarized LOA)$294.00
2641980s Darrell Porter St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Catchers Mitt$500.00
2652009 Brian McCann Atlanta Braves Game-Used & Autographed Alternate Jersey (MLB Authenticated)$264.00
2662015 Jay Bruce Cincinnati Reds Game-Used Home Run Home Jersey (MLB Authenticated)$446.00
267Circa 1972 Don Baylor Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Home Jersey$636.00
2681988 Andrés Galarraga Montreal Expos Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$963.00
2692007 Carlos Beltran New York Mets Game-Used Black Alternate Jersey (Photo-Matched To Career HRs #226 & #227)$0.00
2702013 Jon Lester Boston Red Sox World Series Game-Used Road Jersey (MLB Authenticated • Championship Season)$1,166.00
271Circa 1980 Reggie Jackson New York Yankees Game-Used Helmet$2,541.00
2721996 Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Final Season)$1,612.00
2731982 Keith Moreland Chicago Cubs Game-Used Home Jersey$596.00
2742004 J.D. Drew Atlanta Braves Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$303.00
2751960s Milwaukee Braves Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey #38$652.00
2761984-85 Glenn Davis Houston Astros Game-Used Home Uniform (2)$446.00
2771993 Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers Game-Used Home Jersey (Final Season)$1,881.00
2781981 Tommie Aaron Atlanta Braves Coaches-Worn Home Jersey$294.00
2791974 Davey Johnson Atlanta Braves Game-Used Home Jersey$446.00
2801971 Joe Keough Kansas City Royals Game-Used Home Jersey$722.00
2811963 Wayne Causey Kansas City A's Game-Used Vest Jersey$446.00
2821965 Felipe Alou Milwaukee Braves Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey (Photo-Matched • Likely Worn In All-Star Game)$656.00
2832001 Luis Gonzalez Arizona Diamondbacks Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Championship Season)$596.00
2842004 Gary Sheffield New York Yankees All-Star Weekend Worn Jersey$433.00
2851971 Oakland A's Spring Training Worn Vest Jersey #17 Boyd$366.00
2861974 Dave LaRoche Chicago Cubs Game-Used Home Jersey$446.00
2872001 Lee Mazzilli New York Yankees Coaches-Worn Home Jersey$0.00
2881979 Bill "Spaceman" Lee Montreal Expos Game-Used Home Jersey$1,412.00
2891980 Jim Anderson Seattle Mariners Game-Used Road Jersey$433.00
2901998 Gary Carter Montreal Expos Coaches-Worn & Dual-Autographed Batting Practice Jersey$1,412.00
2912006 Robinson Cano New York Yankees All-Star Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey$500.00
2921983 Doug Rader Texas Rangers Manager-Worn Home Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10)$218.00
2931987 Dennis Eckersley Chicago Cubs Game-Used Spring Training Home Jersey (Cubs LOA)$1,026.00
2941954 Peanuts Lowrey St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey (MEARS A8)$1,433.00
2951992 Tim Raines Chicago White Sox Game-Used Alternate Jersey$807.00
2961998 Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners Game-Used Home Jersey$3,076.00
2972003 Carlos Beltran Kansas City Royals Game-Used Road Vest$291.00
2982005 Roger Clemens Houston Astros Game-Used Road Jersey (NL Champs Season)$1,577.00
2992001 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Game-Used Home Jersey (RoY Season)$1,952.00
3001972 J.R. Richard Houston Astros Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA • HA Documentation)$1,367.00
3011971 John "Blue Moon" Odom Oakland Athletics Game-Used Home Vest (HA Documentation)$1,283.00
3022003 Roger Clemens New York Yankees Game-Used Road Jersey (100th Anniversary Patch)$1,735.00
3031965 Ron Herbel San Francisco Giants Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey (Graded 9+)$807.00
3041981-82 Don Zimmer Texas Rangers Manager-Worn Jacket$477.00
3051983 Whitey Herzog St. Louis Cardinals Manager-Worn Home Jersey$795.00
3062000 Darryl Kile St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$500.00
3071980 Jim Kaat St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Powder Blue Jersey$368.00
3082002 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Jersey (Jack Buck & Darryl Kile Patches)$2,100.00
3091976 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Coaches-Worn Powder Blue Jersey$3,032.00
3101982 Tony La Russa Chicago White Sox Manager-Worn Home Jersey (Video-Matched & Graded 10)$1,710.00
3111987 Red Schoendienst St. Louis Cardinals World Series Coaches-Worn Home Jersey $1,026.00
3121983 George Brett Kansas City Royals Player-Worn Batting Practice Jersey$596.00
3131997 Dennis Eckersley St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey$605.00
3141990 Buck Showalter New York Yankees Coaches-Worn Road Jersey$294.00
315Mid 1990s Ken Kaiser American League Umpire-Worn & Autographed Sports Jacket, Dress Shirt, Cap & Slacks (4)$163.00
316Late 1950s St. Louis Cardinals #60 Player-Worn Jacket$294.00
3172005 Larry Walker St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Final Season)$636.00
3181980 Dick Williams Montreal Expos Manager-Worn Jersey (Graded 9+)$656.00
3191984 Bruce Sutter St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$1,433.00
3201995 Jim Thome Cleveland Indians Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$2,277.00
3211996 Fred McGriff Atlanta Braves World Series Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$977.00
3221996 Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves Rookie Game-Used Home Jersey$605.00
3231993 Dave Henderson Kansas City Royals Game-Used Road Jersey$218.00
3242017 Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies Game-Used & Autographed Purple Alternate Jersey (Patched & Prepped For Postseason)$491.00
3251974 Dom DiMaggio Boston Red Sox Coaches-Worn & Autographed Home Uniform (2)$656.00
3261999 Mike Piazza New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed TBTC Jersey (Full JSA • Inscribed "GU")$1,302.00
3271969 Paul Blair Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Home Jersey$722.00
3281999 Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros Game-Used & Autographed TBTC Jersey$795.00
3291992 Kevin Mitchell Seattle Mariners Game-Used Home Jersey$275.00
3301993 Kirby Puckett Minnesota Twins Game-Used Batting Practice Jersey$393.00
3311998 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners Game-Used & Autographed Helmet$1,433.00
3321977 Gaylord Perry Texas Rangers Game-Used & Autographed Cap With Business Card (2)$489.00
3331973 New York Mets National League Championship Pendant Presented To Equipment Manager Herb Norman (Family LOA)$1,183.00
3341925-29 Rogers Hornsby Zinn Beck Diamond Ace Professional Model Game Bat (MEARS)$446.00
3351915 World Series Game Three Ticket Stubs (3)(Babe Ruth's First World Series)$2,205.00
3361961 World Series Yankee Stadium Full Tickets (4)$267.00
337Grouping Of George Burke Original B&W Photos Mostly Chicago Cubs (39)$334.00
338Grouping Of Chicago Baseball Original Vintage B&W Photos & Negatives Including Many From George Burke (24)$110.00
339Circa 1910 Supplements To "The Sporting News" B&W Photos (12)$324.00
340Jackie Robinson Negative By Ozzie Sweet$248.00
3411930s-40s Original B&W Photos Mostly Chicago Cubs (19)$0.00
342Large Grouping Of George Burke Photos Including Hack Wilson, Kiki Cuyler & Many More (138)$429.00
3431921 Larry Gardner Sterling Trophy Presented By Elyria Chamber Of Commerce (Larry Gardner Family Collection)$220.00
3441912 Larry Gardner World Series Trophy Presented By The City Of Burlington (Larry Gardner Family Collection)$3,076.00
345Circa 1962 Roger Maris & Mickey Mantle Tube Radio$733.00
346Circa 1929 Joe McCarthy Type 1 Original 10x14 Photograph By George Burke (PSA/DNA)$0.00
3471930s Luke Appling Type 1 Original 11x14 Photograph By George Burke (PSA/DNA)$100.00
348Circa 1929 Chicago Cubs Team Type 1 Original 11x14 Photograph By George Burke (PSA/DNA)$220.00
3491928 World Series Game 3 Ticket Stub (Gehrig 2 HR's • PSA/DNA)$656.00
3501941 Brooklyn Dodgers Opening Day Ticket Stub (PSA GOOD 2)$357.00
351Circa 1920s Hillerich & Bradsby Police Nightstick$218.00
3521928 World Series Program & Game 2 Ticket Stub (2)(Gehrig's First WS Home Run)$1,060.00
3532010 Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs Corey Seager Rookie #USAA18 (152/199)$130.00
3542010 Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs Christian Yelich Rookie #BDPP78 (17/150)$1,089.00
3552004 SP Authentic Chirography Hall Of Famers Duo Tone Autographs Nolan Ryan #CHNR (Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 • Autograph Graded 10)$0.00
3562010 Topps Sterling Career Chronicles Autographs Mike Schmidt #4CCAR10 (Beckett Encapsulated • Autograph Graded 10)$0.00
3572008 Topps Sterling Moments Sterling Silver Autographs Eddie Murray #4SMA5 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5 • Autograph Graded 8)$100.00
3582001 Bowman Gold Albert Pujols Rookie #264 (Beckett MINT 9)$134.00
3591963 Fleer Sandy Koufax #42 (PSA NM 7)$174.00
3601954 Topps Al Kaline #201 (PSA EX 5)$472.00
3612010 Topps Triple Threads Rookie Rising Stars Stephen Strasburg & Josh Johnson Autographed (2)$68.00
362Hanley Ramirez & Starlin Castro Game-Used & Autographed Batting Gloves (4)$104.00
3632012 J.A. Happ Houston Astros Game-Used Home Jersey$75.00
3641940s MLB Stars Multi-Signed Baseball$31.00
3651955 Eastern League All Star Game Watch Presented To Manager Jo Jo White$248.00
366Grouping Of Vintage Miscellaneous Baseball Snapshots (18)$110.00
367Ralph Kiner Negative By Ozzie Sweet$68.00
368Grouping Of Vintage Baseball Negatives Including Conlon, Kiner & Many Others (66)$100.00
3691920s-30s Gabby Hartnett Original Baseball Photos (14)$218.00
370Circa 1900s Mordecai Brown Original B&W Photo$97.00
371Heinie Zimmerman Original B&W Photo$83.00
372Joe DiMaggio Single-Signed Baseball (Full JSA)$354.00
3734/7/1997 Baltimore Orioles vs. Kansas City Royals Game-Used "Jackie Robinson Day" OAL Baseball Autographed By Umpire Al Clark$50.00
374Sherm Lollar Game-Used Flannel Pants$187.00
3751986 New York Mets Team-Signed ONL Baseball (Championship Season)$185.00
3761998 Mark McGwire Autographed Sports Illustrated & Cardinals Game Day Magazines (2)$234.00
3772010 Philadelphia Phillies NLDS Game One Full Ticket From Roy Halladay's No Hitter (PSA/DNA MINT 9)$107.00
3782001 Clay Bellinger New York Yankees Game-Used Cap$48.00
3796/11/1990 Texas Rangers vs. Oakland A's Full Ticket From Nolan Ryan's No Hitter$35.00
3801950s-80s Fleer & Topps Autographed Including Valenzuela & Carter, Bob Feller, Alan Trammell & More (11)$152.00
381Circa 2011 Leaf Cut Signatures Tony Gwynn, Dan Fouts, Bob Gibson & Red Schoendienst, Pete Rose & Bill Andrus (5)(Beckett Encapsulated)$61.00
382Circa 2010 Bowman Chrome Autograph Refractors Dellin Betances, Mike Minor & Mikie Mahtook (3)(Beckett Encapsulated)$24.00
3831983 Donruss Tony Gwynn Autographed #598 (PSA/DNA Encapsulated)$158.00
3842013 Topps Chrome Autographs David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez & Vladimir Guerrero$152.00
3852018 Willson Contreras Chicago Cubs Game-Used & Autographed Catchers Chest Protector, Shin Guards & Cleats (3)(MLB Authenticated)$572.00
386Hank Aaron Single-Signed ONL Baseball$174.00
3876/15/1998 Sammy Sosa Game-Used & Inscribed Home Run #23 Baseball$541.00
388Roger Maris & Mickey Mantle Multi-Signed OAL Baseballs By Pitchers That Gave Up HR's Including Maris' #61 & Mantle's First Career HR (2)$0.00
389Jimmie Foxx B&W Photo By George Burke$134.00
390"Shoeless" Joe Jackson B&W Photo$4,290.00
3911910-11 T3 Turkey Red Eddie Collins #87$393.00
392Hank Greenberg Detroit Tigers B&W Photo$0.00
3931957 Ted Williams Boston Red Sox B&W Photo$0.00
3941990s Florida Marlins Team-Signed ONL Baseball$0.00
395Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax & Bob Feller Multi-Signed OAL Baseball$354.00
3961993 Steve Olin Cleveland Indians Ceremonial Game Jersey Gifted To His Widow On Opening Day (Sourced From Equipment Manager • Photo Of Widow Receiving Jersey On Field)$354.00
397Reggie Jackson Single-Signed & Inscribed "Mr. October" OML Baseball$0.00
398Circa 1978 Duke Snider Los Angeles Dodgers Coaches-Worn & Autographed Home Uniform (2)$700.00
3991980s Willie McCovey Cracker Jack Old Timers Classic Game-Used & Autographed Uniform (2)$1,367.00
400Don Drysdale Single-Signed ONL Baseball$158.00
401Circa 1989 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox Game-Used Cap$324.00
4021968 New York Yankees vs. Oakland A's Multi-Signed Official Scorecard Including Mantle, DiMaggio, Campaneris & More (PSA/DNA)$656.00
403Circa 1999 J.D. Drew St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Cleats$68.00
404Jimmy Piersall Single-Signed & Inscribed OML Baseball$53.00
405Ken Boyer Single-Signed & Inscribed ONL Baseball$357.00
4061971 Pittsburgh Pirates Team-Signed ONL Baseball (Championship Season)$578.00
4071938 St. Louis Cardinals Team-Signed OAL Baseball$200.00
4088/11/1961 New York Yankees Lineup Card Hung In Dugout Autographed By Manager Ralph Houk & Ticket Stub (2)(Mantle & Maris Home Runs)$1,710.00
4091986 New York Mets Team-Signed OML Baseball (Full JSA • Championship Season)$390.00
410Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Autographed Post Career Bat$240.00
411Ted Williams Boston Red Sox Autographed Commemorative Bat (Full Name Signature)$790.00
412Mid 1990s Barry & Bobby Bonds Dual-Signed "Home Plate" Baseball Card Game$107.00
413Ted Williams Boston Red Sox Single-Signed OAL Baseball$294.00
414Ty Cobb Autographed Personal Bank Check$875.00
415Hall Of Fame AL Infielders Single-Signed OAL Baseballs - Doerr, Appling & Aparicio (3)$35.00
416Large Grouping Of 1961 Topps Baseball (148)$134.00
417Large Grouping Of 1961 Topps Baseball Including Koufax, Wynn, Williams & Many Others (62)$198.00
4181964 Topps Including Brooks Robinson, Lopez, Powell & More (24)$110.00
419Circa 1978 Thurman Munson New York Yankees Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,723.00
4202003 Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals Home Run Derby & All-Star Workout Day Autographed Jersey (MLB Authenticated • BAT Sports)$248.00
421Grouping Of 1967 Topps Baseball (56)$55.00
4221988 "Baseball Legends" Golf Scramble Winner Award Presented To Willie McCovey$80.00
423Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants Game-Used & Autographed Bat$963.00
424Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants Multi-Signed Player Model Bat $294.00
4251962 Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants World Series Bat$1,735.00
4261986 National League All-Stars Team-Signed Willie McCovey Player Model Bat$250.00
4271986 American League All-Stars Team-Signed Willie McCovey Player Model Bat$275.00
428Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants & Oakland A's Game-Used Cleats (3)$578.00
4292005-06 Cleveland Cavaliers Team-Signed Basketball Including LeBron James (Cavaliers COA)$596.00
430Julius Erving & George Gervin Dual-Signed Official NBA Basketball (Presented On The Court To Honor The 30th Anniversary Of ABA Legends)$324.00
431John Wooden UCLA Bruins Single-Signed Basketball & Game Ticket Stub (2)$0.00
432Magic Johnson Single-Signed Basketballs (2)$100.00
4331997-98 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed Pro-Cut Home Jersey (UDA • Championship & MVP Season)$4,037.00
434Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed Rookie Style Pro-Cut Road Jersey (UDA)$4,096.00
435Large Collection Of UCLA Bruins Autographed Pieces Including Multiple Woodens, Walton, Alcindor & Many More (9)(PSA/DNA)$550.00
4361995 Michael Jordan & Shaquille O'Neal Dual-Signed Sports Illustrated Playoffs Magazine$847.00
4371992-93 Chicago Bulls Team-Signed Mini Basketball Including Michael Jordan (Championship Season)$656.00
438Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed Wheaties Box$1,129.00
4391991 & 1992 Chicago Bulls NBA Finals Multi-Signed Folding Chair Seat Covers (2) (Championship Seasons)$180.00
440Bill Russell Single-Signed Spalding LE Basketball$218.00
441Dennis Rodman Single-Signed Spalding Basketball$88.00
4421992 Larry Bird Single-Signed Barcelona Olympics Molten Official Basketball$393.00
443Kobe Bryant Autographed Basketball Magazines (3)$1,504.00
4441973-74 Milwaukee Bucks Team-Signed Wilson Official Basketball (NBA Finals Season)$354.00
4452006-07 Upper Deck Black Legends Michael Jordan Autographed (Beckett MINT 9 • 19/25)$3,524.00
4462003-04 Topps Chrome LeBron James Rookie #111 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$6,927.00
4472010-11 Donruss Craftsmen Signatures Kobe Bryant #1 (Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 • Autograph Graded 10 • 45/49)$472.00
4482010-11 Panini Gold Standard Signatures Kobe Bryant #9 (Beckett MINT 9 • Autograph Graded 10 • 8/49)$630.00
4492009-10 National Treasures Biography Materials Autographs Kobe Bryant #1 (Beckett MINT 9 • Auto Grade 10 • 11/25)$1,017.00
4502010-11 Totally Certified Red Autographs Kobe Bryant #69 (Beckett Autograph Graded 10 • 6/49)$520.00
4512010-11 Elite Black Box Crusade Signatures Kobe Bryant #24 (Beckett MINT 9 • Autograph Graded 10 • 96/149)$520.00
4522010-11 Panini Gold Standard Gold Rings Materials Prime Signatures Kobe Bryant #5 (Beckett MINT 9 • 6/24)$520.00
4532010-11 National Treasures Biography Materials Autographs Kobe Bryant #2 (Beckett NM-MT 8.5 • Autograph Graded 10 • 9/25)$693.00
4542007-08 Topps Finest Kevin Durant Rookie Green & Red Refractors #71 (2)(Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$924.00
4551992 Upper Deck Heroes Wilt Chamberlain Autographed #18 (2)(PSA/DNA Encapsulated Authentic Auto)$541.00
4561993-94 Fleer Sharpshooters Michael Jordan #3 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$110.00
4571980 Topps Scoring Leaders Bird, Erving, Johnson (Beckett Encapsulated Authentic)$472.00
4582010-11 National Treasures All NBA Materials George Mikan Including Prime 1/1 & Others (4)(Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$264.00
459Circa 2010 Magic Johnson Autographed Cards (5)(Beckett MINT 9 Or Higher • Four Autos Graded 10)$393.00
4602010-11 Michael Jordan Upper Deck LE Autographed "Storybook Career" & Three "Supreme Court Authentics" (4)(13/15)$1,367.00
4612003-04 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Game-Used Rookie Road Jersey$11,693.00
4621999-00 Dennis Rodman Dallas Mavericks Game-Used White Jersey (Equipment Manager LOA • Final Season)$2,310.00
463Mid 1980s Danny Ainge Boston Celtics Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket$722.00
4641986-87 Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Game-Used Jersey$3,384.00
4652010-11 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Team-Issued & Autographed Road Jersey$2,936.00
4662003-04 Amare Stoudemire Phoenix Suns Game-Used Home Jersey$433.00
4672019 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors NBA All-Star Game-Issued & Dual-Autographed Shoes (Full JSA • Curry Copy LOA)$1,433.00
4682007 Arron Afflalo UCLA Bruins NCAA Tournament Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Photo-Matched)$578.00
4692007-08 Kevin Love UCLA Bruins Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$795.00
4702004 Tim Duncan Team USA Olympic Game-Used Home Jersey$1,433.00
4712008-09 Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Player-Worn Warm-Up Suit (2)(Equipment Manager LOA)$303.00
4721992-93 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Rookie Game-Used Road Jersey$2,310.00
4732008 Tony Allen Boston Celtics NBA Finals Game-Used Road Jersey (NBA LOA • Championship Season)$3,553.00
4741996-97 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Team-Issued & Autographed Road Jersey$722.00
475Mid 1980s Darrell Griffith Utah Jazz Game-Used Jersey (Rare)$3,909.00
476Circa 1963 Jim Hagan Phillips 66ers AAU Satin Warm-Up Suit (2)$275.00
4771993-94 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Game-Used Home Jersey (Orlando Magic Executive LOA)$1,909.00
4782006 Dwyane Wade Team USA FIBA World Championship Trials Game-Used Jersey$722.00
4791997-98 Penny Hardaway Orlando Magic Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Orlando Magic Executive LOA)$1,655.00
4802006-07 Kyle Korver Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey$393.00
4811997-98 Tim Duncan Rookie San Antonio Spurs Game-Used & Autographed Road Uniform (2)(RoY Season)$5,453.00
482Mid 1970s Al Eberhard Detroit Pistons Game-Used Jersey$357.00
4831980s Tom Gola Schick Legends Game-Used Uniform & Carney's Gulf Basketball Uniform & Jersey (3)(Family LOAs)$121.00
4842019 NBA Finals Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors Game-Used Basketball (Sourced From The Raptors)$1,060.00
48512/25/2011 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat "Christmas Day" Game-Used PE Shoes (Meza LOA)$541.00
48612/25/2016 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat "Christmas Day" Game-Used PE Shoes (Meza LOA)$596.00
487Meadowlark Lemon Harlem Globe Trotters Game-Used Shoes$303.00
4881994-95 Karl Malone Utah Jazz Game-Used Home Jersey$1,166.00
4892003-04 Sam Cassell Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Jersey (Equipment Manager LOA)$693.00
4902004-05 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Game-Issued Jersey$1,909.00
4911982-83 Ernie Grunfeld New York Knicks Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched)$666.00
492Mid 1970s NBA Tour Player-Worn Shorts$50.00
4932016-17 Zach LaVine Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Shoes$100.00
49410/23/2015 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Shoes (Photo-Matched • Final Season)$334.00
4952018-19 Nikola Vucevic Orlando Magic Game-Used Shoes$180.00
4961/12/2016 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Shoes (Photo-Matched • Final Season)$405.00
4972017-18 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Game-Used Jersey & Nike Pro Combat PE Compression Shirt (2)$7,259.00
4981997-98 Karl Malone Utah Jazz Game-Used Jersey$1,166.00
4992003-04 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Jersey (Custom Velcro)$1,710.00
5002001-02 David Robinson San Antonio Spurs Game-Used Jersey$2,100.00
5012003-04 Carmelo Anthony Rookie Denver Nuggets Game-Used Home Jersey$541.00
5021992 Chris Mullin United States Olympics "Dream Team" Game Jersey (Gold Medal Team)$733.00
5031992 Patrick Ewing United States Olympics "Dream Team" Game Jersey (Gold Medal Team)$1,183.00
5041996-97 Clyde Drexler Houston Rockets Game-Used Jersey (Equipment Manager Family LOA)$807.00
5051991-92 Clyde Drexler Portland Trail Blazers Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket$1,368.00
506Circa 1972 Utah Stars "Tour Of Europe" ABA Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (Player LOA)$1,075.00
5071998-99 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Jersey 1998-99 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Jersey (First Year As A Starter)$3,808.00
5082010-11 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used PE Shoes 2010-11 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used PE Shoes (All-Star Game MVP Season)$2,541.00
5092010-11 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used & Dual-Autographed PE Shoes (PSA/DNA • MEARS • All-Star Game MVP Season)$5,069.00
5102010-11 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Road Jersey (D.C. Sports • All-Star Game MVP Season)$4,608.00
5111996 Penny Hardaway Team USA Mens Olympic Basketball Pro Cut White Jersey$1,283.00
5121976 Bobby Knight Indiana Hoosiers Coaches-Worn Cashmere Blazer ("Tailored Exclusively for Bob Knight")$1,735.00
513Circa 1971 Billy "The Whopper" Paultz New York Nets ABA Game-Used Jersey (HA Documentation)$1,735.00
514Circa 1983 Kenny Patterson DePaul Blue Demons Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$405.00
5151991-92 B.J. Armstrong Chicago Bulls Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (Championship Season)$324.00
5161996-97 Luc Longley Chicago Bulls Game-Used & Autographed Black Alternate Pinstripe Jersey (Charita Bulls LOA • Championship Season)$2,205.00
5171996-97 Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls Game-Used Black Alternate Pinstripe Jersey (Championship Season)$3,076.00
5181997-98 Toni Kukoc Chicago Bulls Game-Used & Autographed Black Alternate Uniform (2)(Photo-Matched • Championship Season • Charita Bulls LOA • MEARS A10)$3,076.00
519Late 1970s Kent Benson Milwaukee Bucks Game-Used & Autographed Shoes (Donated By Benson To Charity Auction • Great Provenance With LOA)$0.00
5202009-10 Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Game-Used Shoes$840.00
5211996-97 Grant Hill Detroit Pistons Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket (50th Anniversary Patch)$525.00
5221/6/1998 Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Shoes, Socks & Finger Sleeve (3)(Sourced From Ball Boy)$1,302.00
5231999-00 Scottie Pippen Portland Trail Blazers Game-Used & Autographed Shoes (Sourced From Ball Boy)$722.00
5241999-00 Gary Payton Seattle SuperSonics Game-Used & Autographed Shoes (Sourced From Ball Boy)$963.00
5251960s Wildcats Basketball Player-Worn Warm-Up Jacket$75.00
5261996-97 Shawn Kemp Seattle SuperSonics Game-Used Jersey$722.00
5271997-98 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers "Crazy 8" Adidas Game-Used & Dual-Signed Shoes$5,453.00
5281994-95 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Game-Used & Autographed Shoes$666.00
5291996-97 Steve Nash Phoenix Suns Rookie Game-Used Jersey$3,336.00
5301974-75 Jesse Dark New York Knicks Game-Used Jersey$303.00
5311970-71 Florida State Seminoles Game-Used Jersey #12$212.00
5321970s Julius "Dr. J" Erving Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Single Shoe$693.00
5331989-90 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Game-Used Road Jersey$2,756.00
5342006 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers NBA All-Star Pro Cut Jersey$6,297.00
5352004 Yao Ming Houston Rockets Western Conference All-Stars Pro-Cut Jersey$932.00
5361995-96 Chicago Bulls “4 Ever NBA World Champions" City Of Chicago Championship Street Banner$180.00
5371998 Chicago Bulls NBA Champions Locker Room Champagne Bottle & Finals Towels (3)(Sourced From Locker Room)$0.00
5382008-09 Robin Lopez Phoenix Suns Game-Used & Autographed Rookie Home Jersey (Sourced From Sun's Virtual Locker Room Giveaway)$180.00
5392006-07 Pau Gasol Memphis Grizzlies Game-Used Road Jersey$572.00
5402004-05 Elton Brand Los Angeles Clippers Team-Issued & Autographed Road Jersey (Elgin Baylor Collection)$168.00
5412005-06 Carlos Boozer Utah Jazz Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Full JSA)$240.00
542Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Autographed Road Jersey (PSA/DNA Sticker)$1,355.00
5431995-96 Jerry Stackhouse Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Rookie Uniforms (4)(Equipment Manager LOAs)$700.00
544Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Upper Deck Photo & Uncut Holographic Cards (3)$0.00
5452003-04 Topps LeBron James Rookie #221$418.00
5462010 Panini "Tools Of The Trade" Kobe Bryant #11 & #4 (2)$83.00
5472009-10 Upper Deck Greats Of The Game Autographs Derrick Rose #73 (Beckett MINT 9)$50.00
5481996-97 Bowmans Best Allen Iverson Rookie #R1 (Beckett PRISTINE 10)$354.00
5492009-10 Bowman Autographs Derrick Rose #48ADR (Beckett Encapsulated • Autograph Graded 10)$50.00
5502007-08 Topps Chrome Refractors Kevin Durant #131 (Beckett MINT 9)$2,261.00
551Sheryl Swoopes Team USA Autographed Jersey, Basketball & Travel Bag (3)(Sourced From Swoopes)$134.00
552Circa 1998 Two Pairs Of Allan Houston Game-Used & Autographed Shoes (One Pair Worn Guarding MJ In His Final Regular Season Bulls Game)$1,026.00
553Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Player-Worn & Autographed Reversible Practice Jersey (PSA/DNA COA)$429.00
554Late 1980s Robert Parish Boston Celtics Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Shoes$596.00
555Circa 1984 James Worthy Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Shoes$368.00
5561970s Bob Lanier Detroit Pistons Game-Used Shoes$275.00
5571986 Star Court Kings Michael Jordan #18 (Beckett NM-MT 8)$264.00
5582010-11 Panini National Treasures Signature Patches Kevin Durant #17 (Beckett NM-MT+ 8.5 • Autograph Graded 10 • 8/10)$248.00
5592003-04 Karl Malone Los Angeles Lakers Salesman Sample Shoes$125.00
5601995-96 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Game-Used Single Shoe$472.00
5612001-02 Grant Hill Orlando Magic Game-Used & Dual-Signed Shoes (Team Executive LOA)$446.00
5622001-02 Tracy McGrady Orlando Magic Game-Used & Dual-Signed Shoes (Team Executive LOA)$2,669.00
5631992-93 Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Game-Used & Autographed Single Shoe$168.00
5642001-02 Patrick Ewing Orlando Magic Game-Used & Dual-Signed Shoes (Team Executive LOA • Final Season)$273.00
5651960s Tom Gola New York Knicks Player-Worn Traveling Sport Jacket & Hall Of Fame Election Ribbon (2)(Family LOA)$291.00
566Mid 1960s Tom Gola New York Knicks Player-Worn Warm-Up Pants (Family LOA)$354.00
5671995 UCLA Bruins Team-Signed Basketball (Championship Season)$477.00
5682018-19 Spencer Dinwiddie Brooklyn Nets Game-Used Kickasso Custom Shoes$264.00
5692018-19 Jimmer Fredette Phoenix Suns Game-Used PE Shoes$134.00
5702018-19 DJ Augustin Orlando Magic Game-Used Shoes$0.00
5712006-07 D.J. Augustin Texas Longhorns Game-Used Home Jersey (Photo-Matched)$240.00
5721995-96 Chicago Bulls Player-Worn Shorts Autographed By John Paxson$284.00
573Circa 1991 Horace Grant Chicago Bulls Custom Jacket (Family LOA)$218.00
5741985 Interlake Michael Jordan #1 & Orlando Woolridge #2 (2)(Beckett MINT 9)$3,524.00
5752009-10 Wayne Ellington Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Game-Used Shoes$50.00
5762009-10 Nenad Kristic Oklahoma City Thunder Game-Used & Autographed Shoes$50.00
5772009-10 Thabo Sefolosha Oklahoma City Thunder Game-Used & Autographed Shoes$61.00
5782009-10 Keyon Dooling New Jersey Nets Game-Used & Autographed Shoes$0.00
5792009-10 Corey Brewer Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Shoes$0.00
5802009-10 Carl Landry Sacramento Kings Game-Used & Autographed Shoes$50.00
581Circa 1972 Larry Bird Springs Valley High School Game-Used Wooden Gym Floor Square$148.00
582Large Grouping Of 1970 Topps Basketball (69)$100.00
5831972 Topps Chamberlain, Jackson & Cunningham (3)$100.00
584Late 1960s Dallas Chaparrals ABA Player-Worn Warm-Up Suit (2)$1,412.00
5851967 Super Bowl I Ticket Stub Autographed By SB MVP Bart Starr$1,166.00
5861969 Super Bowl III Ticket Stub Autographed & Inscribed By SB MVP Joe Namath (Namath's Guaranteed Victory)$596.00
5871972 Miami Dolphins Team-Signed Full Size Helmet (PSA/DNA • Steiner • Undefeated Season)$2,277.00
5881969 Texas Longhorns Team-Signed Football (Championship Season)$2,004.00
589Joe Namath New York Jets Super Bowl III Team-Signed Jersey$390.00
590Late 1930s Chicago Bears Team-Signed White Panel Mini Football (Masterson Family LOA)$763.00
591Circa 1971 Baltimore Colts Team-Signed White Panel Football With Unitas$220.00
592High Grade 1971 Green Bay Packers Team-Signed Football (Full JSA)$605.00
5932005 Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers Game-Issued Powder Blue Jersey$303.00
5941/8/2005 Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers Game-Used Trophy Football$267.00
5952009 Bob Sanders Indianapolis Colts Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$770.00
596Late 1970s Jan Stenerud Kansas City Chiefs Game-Used Jersey$977.00
597Circa 1980 M.L. Carter Kansas City Chiefs Game-Used Jersey (Repairs)$200.00
598Early 1980s Wesley Walker New York Jets Game-Used & Dual-Autographed Jersey$275.00
5991980s Kellen Winslow Sr. San Diego Chargers Game-Used Jersey$1,075.00
6002003 Curtis Martin New York Jets Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$491.00
6012013 Dont'a Hightower New England Patriots Game-Used Blue Jersey (Patriots LOA)$2,100.00
6021999 Drew Bledsoe New England Patriots Game-Used White Jersey (Photo-Matched • Patriots LOA)$2,541.00
6032018 Josh Gordon New England Patriots Game-Used & Autographed Alternate Jersey (Photo-Matched • Gordon LOA)$2,796.00
604Mid 1980s Walter Payton Chicago Bears Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (Full JSA)$2,796.00
6052018 Carlos Hyde Jacksonville Jaguars Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched • NFL PSA/DNA COA)$264.00
6061990 Al Toon New York Jets Game-Used Road Jersey$722.00
6072012 Mike Wallace Pittsburgh Steelers Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (Photo-Matched • Wallace LOA)$334.00
6082017 DeVier Posey Toronto Argonauts CFL Grey Cup Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched • 100 Yard TD & MVP Performance • Championship Season)$656.00
6092006 Jeremy Shockey New York Giants Pro Bowl Game-Issued Jersey$163.00
610Circa 1990 Vinny Testaverde Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game-Used Helmet$795.00
6111980s Philadelphia Eagles Game-Used Jerseys (18)$2,277.00
6122015 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions Game-Issued Jersey$0.00
6132002 Eddie George Tennessee Titans Game-Used Home Jersey (Multiple Photo-Matches • Velcro Inserts & Repairs)$1,412.00
6142011 Plaxico Burress New York Jets Game-Used Jersey$0.00
6151994 Tim Brown Los Angeles Raiders Game-Used Jersey$733.00
6161992 John Taylor San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Home Jersey$888.00
6171993 Sterling Sharpe Green Bay Packers Game-Used Home Jersey$3,336.00
6182004 Matt Leinart USC Trojans Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (PSA/DNA • Heisman Season)$932.00
6191994 Alvin Harper Dallas Cowboys Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$2,310.00
6201991 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers Game-Used & Autographed Jersey$5,069.00
6212010 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (Photo-Matched • Unwashed • Hammered)$795.00
622Mid 1970s Jack Youngblood Los Angeles Rams Game-Used & Autographed Blue Jersey$932.00
623Late 1970s Dan Dierdorf St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Jersey & Cleats (2)(Repairs & Custom Sleeves))$1,183.00
6241960s Larry Wilson St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used & Autographed Helmet$3,384.00
6251975 Bob Hayes San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Jersey (Final Season)$963.00
6261989 Gary Clark Washington Redskins Game-Used Jersey$840.00
6271995 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Game-Used Jersey$1,881.00
6281975-76 O.J. Simpson Buffalo Bills Game-Issued Jersey$240.00
6291974 Rocky Bleier Whizzer White Award$700.00
630Rocky Bleier "Courage To Come Back" 10K Ring & Award (2)$578.00
6311974-1975 Rocky Bleier Vince Lombardi Award (Photo Of Him Receiving It)$357.00
632Large Rocky Bleier Pittsburgh Steelers 75th Season Collection Including Multiple Autographed Items (50+)$393.00
6342002 Bryant McKinnie Minnesota Vikings Game-Issued Road Jersey$75.00
6352006 Playoff National Treasures Signatures Paul Hornung #26 (19/25)$28.00
6362011 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signatures Jim Brown & Jim Parker (Beckett Encapsulated)$83.00
6372011 Panini Playoff Contenders 14K Black Golden Tickets Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Bowe & Roddy White W/ Original Presentation Box (3)$592.00
6382012 Leaf Lombardi Legacy Jacket Swatches Vince Lombardi #WJ19 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$102.00
639Circa 2010 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Paul Hornung Autographed (2)$50.00
6401987 NFL "Players On Strike" Picket Line Protest Sign$0.00
641Y. A. Tittle Single-Signed & Inscribed Football$55.00
6421978 Terry Anderson Washington Redskins Game-Used Jersey$390.00
6432014 BCS National Championship Full Ticket Dual-Signed By Jameis Winston & Kelvin Benjamin (Beckett COA)$100.00
6441984 Army Black Knights Team-Signed White Panel Football$0.00
645Vintage San Francisco 49ers Security Guard Jacket$75.00
6461987 NFL "Players On Strike" Picket Line Protest Sign$0.00
647Roger Craig & Dwight Clark Single-Signed Footballs (2)$88.00
648Joe Montanas' Personal 1977 Notre Dame National Champions Autographed Framed Banner$291.00
6491994 Al Whiting Las Vegas Posse CFL Game-Used Helmet $301.00
650Mid 1960s Green Bay Packers Team-Signed MacGregor Official Football Including Lombardi, Starr & More$924.00
6512010 Blaine Gabbert Missouri Tigers Game-Used Cleats$39.00
652Large Grouping Of Wilson Pickett Autographed Artist Engagement Contracts & Offer Forms (38)$500.00
653Franklin Roosevelt Single-Signed Photo (Full PSA/DNA)$578.00
654Tony Bennett, Happy Felton & Two Katharine Hepburn Autographed Photos & Notes (4)(Full JSA & PSA/DNA)$185.00
655Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy Dual-Signed Framed Photo Display (Full PSA/DNA)$1,367.00
656Clark Gable Autographed Check Framed Display (Full PSA/DNA)$267.00
657Sally Ride & Two John Glenn Single-Signed Baseballs (3)(PSA/DNA • First American Astronaut To Orbit Earth & First American Female In Space)$1,412.00
658George Kelly Single-Signed & Inscribed Baseball$324.00
6591906 San Francisco Earthquake "Kill Order" Handbill By Mayor E.E. Schmitz Framed Display$303.00
6601850s Millard Fillmore Portrait Campaign Cane (Rare)$722.00
6611868 Ulysses S. Grant Figural Head Campaign Cane (Rare)$875.00
6621844 Henry Clay Ivory Portrait Campaign Cane (Extremely Rare)$541.00
6631840 "Harrison-Tyler-Corwin" Folk Art Campaign Cane (Rare)$596.00
6641876 Rutherford B. Hayes Figural Head Campaign Cane (Rare)$596.00
6651880 James A. Garfield Portrait Campaign Cane (Rare)$596.00
6661840 William Harrison / John Tyler Wooden Cider Barrel Campaign Cane (Rare)$596.00
667Civil War Era Wocher & Son Surgical Field Kit$301.00
668Paul McCartney Autographed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP (Full JSA)$1,735.00
669President Jimmy Carter Single-Signed OML Baseball$200.00
670Circa 1900 "Darktown Battery" Cast Iron Antique Mechanical Bank By J.E. Stevens$1,283.00
671Circa 1918 Mechanical Wireless Still Bank$0.00
672Circa 1901 "Fortune Teller Savings Bank " Cast Iron Mechanical Bank$0.00
6731930s Vintage Kicker Catcher Coin Operated Machine$446.00
6741995 Ronald Reagan Autographed Check (Full JSA • PSA/DNA MINT 9)$977.00
6751901 Theodore Roosevelt & Elihu Root Dual-Signed Framed Presidential Document Display (Full PSA/DNA)$1,367.00
6761/20/1973 Richard Nixon Autographed Inauguration Full Ticket (PSA/DNA Encapsulated)$807.00
6772003 George W. Bush Autographed Framed Picture Display (Full PSA/DNA)$477.00
678Dwight Eisenhower Autographed Framed Picture Display (Full PSA/DNA)$847.00
679George H.W. Bush & Barbara Bush Dual-Signed Framed Picture Display (Full JSA)$578.00
6801971 Richard Nixon Autographed Framed Display & Silver Dollar (2)(Full JSA & PSA/DNA)$1,355.00
6811902 Theodore Roosevelt Autographed Letter & Photo (2)(Full PSA/DNA)$693.00
6821923 Orville Wright Autographed Letter On Personal Letterhead (Full PSA/DNA)$977.00
683Richard Nixon Single-Signed Rawlings ONL Baseball (Full JSA)$875.00
684George H.W. & George W. Bush Dual-Signed B&W Photo Of The Bush Family (Beckett)$303.00
685Charlie Chaplin Autographed & Inscribed B&W Photo (Full JSA)$733.00
686Astronaut "Moon Walkers" Single-Signed & Inscribed Photos Including Armstrong (11)$1,735.00
6871961 John F. Kennedy Inauguration Collection Including Tickets, Ball Invite, Ceremonies Program & More (9)$267.00
688Large Grouping Of Tony Randall & Jack Klugman "The Odd Couple" Dual-Signed Photos (33)$636.00
6891947 Lou Costello Single-Signed & Inscribed "Diecut" Tribute Program$242.00
690President Millard Fillmore, George H.W. Bush, Daniel Lamont & First Lady Patricia Nixon Autographed Cuts (4)$390.00
6912012 Leaf Oval Office Cut Signature Edition John Quincy Adams, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt & Harry Truman, Gerald & Betty Ford (4)(Beckett Encapsulated)$924.00
6921960 Rome Summer Olympics Country Pins Framed Display$956.00
6931967 Grateful Dead San Francisco Concert Poster$198.00
6941968 Blood, Sweat & Tears San Francisco Concert Poster$0.00
6951966 Jim Kweskin Jug Band San Francisco Concert Poster$291.00
6961969 The Doors, Lonnie Mack & Elvin Bishop San Francisco Concert Poster$163.00
6971974 $10 Federal Reserve Note Error (Second Print Misaligned)$0.00
6981999 Academy Awards Los Angeles Voting Booklets & Various World Premiere Guest Passes (6)$100.00
6991975 Postal Service Bicentennial Commemorative Coin Featuring Benjamin Franklin $0.00
7001946-2017 Booklet Of Franklin Roosevelt Dimes$100.00
701Large Presidential Coin Collection Including Lincoln Cents & Presidential Dollars$0.00
702Postal Community Society Volume II State Quarter Collection$0.00
703Grouping Of Vintage American Collectible Coins (4)$0.00
704Grouping Of Vintage United States Confederate State Currency Dollars (9)$134.00
705Grouping Of Ancient Roman Empire Coins (5)$163.00
7061988 $1 Bill Board Break Error From The Federal Reserve Note New York$0.00
707Grouping Of New York Times Silver Dollars$134.00
7082002-11 P&D Kennedy Half Dollar Set$110.00
709Complete Set Of Gold Plated State Quarters (56)$572.00
710Grouping Of Ancient Imperial Roman Coins (12)$134.00
711Nancy Reagan Handwritten & Autographed Note (PSA/DNA Encapsulated)$100.00
712Jim Leavelle Autographed & Inscribed B&W Photo Escorting Lee Harvey Oswald$50.00
713"The Sopranos" Cast & Crew Multi-Signed Card$0.00
714Charles Lindbergh Autographed Framed Display$357.00
715Leslie Nielsen Autographed Framed Photo$100.00
7161984 Los Angeles Olympic Games Team USA Olympian-Worn Jacket$113.00
717Andy Rooney Autographed "My War" Hardcover Book$0.00
718Presidential Signed Display - Trump, W. Bush, H.W. Bush, Ford, Nixon & Reagan (Full JSA)$5,363.00
719Sam Snead Autographed Personal Checks (5)$92.00
720Sam Snead Autographed Personal Checks To His Housing Landlord From The Masters (4)$92.00
721Payne Stewart Autographed San Diego Chargers Polo$121.00
722Tiger Woods Autographed "Tiger Roars" Carlo Beninati LE Artist Proof Lithograph (JSA • UDA)$1,242.00
723Sam Snead Single-Signed Titleist Golf Ball (Full JSA • Rare)$134.00
724Jordan Spieth Autographed 2015 U.S. Open Flag, Sports Illustrated Magazine & 3 Parking Passes (5)(Full JSA)$636.00
725Tiger Woods Autographed & Inscribed World Match Play Championship Flag (Full JSA)$324.00
726Muhammad Ali AKA Cassius Clay Dual-Signed & Inscribed "T.K.O. Sonny Liston" & "The Greatest Of All Time" Everlast Boxing Glove (PSA/DNA)$3,336.00
727Everlast Boxing Glove Multi-Signed By 10 Hall OF Famers Including Ali, Dundee & More$520.00
728"Greatest Of All Time" A Tribute To Muhammad Ali Hardcover Book By Taschen$110.00
7291985 Thomas Hearns & Marvin Hagler Dual-Signed World Middleweight Championship Fight Program$291.00
730Jack Dempsey Autographed Personal Check (PSA/DNA NM-MT 8)$138.00
7311964 Muhammad Ali Autographed Sports Illustrated Magazine (Full PSA/DNA)$357.00
7321971 Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier Dual-Signed 14x22 Closed-Circuit Poster (Full JSA)$1,554.00
7332011 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signatures Bruce Jenner & Carl Lewis (Beckett Encapsulated)$68.00
734Serena Williams Autographed Racket Cover & Venus Williams Autographed Racket Label (2)$433.00
735Arthur Ashe Autographed Magazine Article$110.00
736Sam Snead Autographed Personal Checks (4)(Three PSA/DNA GEM MT 10 • One PSA/DNA MINT 9)$125.00
7372009 Joey Logano NASCAR Pocono 500 Race-Worn Fire Suit (Photo-Matched)$1,052.00
7382011 Todd Bodine NASCAR Race-Worn & Autographed Fire Suit$444.00
7392003 Michael Waltrip NASCAR Race-Worn & Autographed Fire Suit$718.00
740Paul Menard NASCAR Race-Worn Fire Suits (2)$718.00
7412010 Upper Deck "By The Letter" Sidney Crosby Autographed #L-SC (5/30)$125.00
7421992-93 Brian Leetch New York Rangers Game-Used Jersey (Equipment Manager LOA)$888.00
7431979 Wayne Gretzky O-Pee-Chee Rookie #18 (Beckett Authentic)$630.00
7442005-06 Upper Deck Alex Ovechkin Rookie #443 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$722.00
7452010-11 The Cup Signature Patches Sidney Crosby #SPSC (Beckett MINT 9 • Autograph Graded 10)$429.00
7462005-06 Beehive Sidney Crosby Rookie #101 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$0.00
7472005-06 Upper Deck Sidney Crosby Rookie #201 (Beckett GEM MINT 9.5)$840.00
7481990-91 Ron Francis Pittsburgh Penguins Game-Used Jersey$1,577.00
7492002-03 Radek Bonk Ottawa Senators Game-Used Jersey (Photo-Matched)$0.00
750Wayne Gretzky New York Rangers Autographed Jerseys (2)(UDA COA)$693.00
7511985-86 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers Game-Used & Autographed Stick (Hart & Ross Trophy Season • 215 Point Season • Full JSA)$1,433.00
7521986-87 Troy Murray Chicago Blackhawks Game-Used Jersey (Rare)$2,277.00
753Circa 1987 Ron Duguay New York Rangers Game-Used Jersey$446.00
7542000-01 Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins Game-Used Jersey$1,577.00
755Wayne Gretzky Autographed Final NHL Game Press Kit, Media Notes & Program From His First NHL Game (3)(Rangers LOAs)$578.00
7562013 Andrew Wiggins McDonald's All-American Game & Slam Dunk Contest Used Shoes$300.00
7571950s Chicago Cardinals Player-Worn Sideline Jacket (Rare)$334.00
7582000 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey$722.00
759Early 1980s Andrew Toney Philadelphia 76ers "Boston Strangler" Game-Used '82 ECF & '83 NBA Finals Game 4 Sweep Jersey (Photo-Matched & Graded 10)$15,307.00
7602008 Kobe Bryant Beijing Olympics Identity And Accreditation Card$10,630.00
7612008 LeBron James Beijing Olympics Identity And Accreditation Card$7,259.00
7621992 Michael Jordan Autographed Consent Form Authorizing Nike To Use His Name In The UK (Full PSA/DNA) $3,076.00