Michael Russek

Director Of Operations


631.288.7800 ext.230

Having grown up in this hobby since childhood, Michael joined Grey Flannel after graduating from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2005. The young gun brings youth, enthusiasm and passion into the established industry. Areas of expertise include marketing, team building and strategic planning. Michael has worked his way up through the ranks and is now considered the front of the house and the first line for all customer relations. He takes a more aggressive and passionate approach when negotiating, teaching and empowering customers to make educated decisions. Michael’s main focus and area of expertise is game-used uniforms, recently being selected as a lead authenticator for Photo-Match.com

Debbie Riccio

Office Manager


631.288.7800 ext.223

Debbie and her larger-than-life personality have been an integral part of Grey Flannel Auctions for more than 15 years. Debbie plays a prominent role in a variety of areas including managing and organizing all finances, establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, and distributing all consignor payouts.

Ben Akers

Auction Agent


631.288.7800 ext.231

For the last 8 years, Ben has been an avid photographer. As a recent graduate of the Northern Arizona University Photography Program he has brought his photography knowledge to Grey Flannel Auctions. Ben captures the majority of the product images for the catalog and website and also assists with incoming consignments, shipments, and inventory management.