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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
11952 Mickey Mantle NY Yankees Autographed Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$78,750.00
2Circa 1925 Babe Ruth Game-Used New York Yankees Home Jersey$100,714.00
3Late 1930s Art Jorgens New York Yankees Game-Used Cap$714.00
41938 George Selkirk New York Yankees Game-Used Side Written Bat$666.00
51953 Phil Rizzuto New York Yankees Game-Used & Signed Road Flannel Jersey$5,856.00
61947 Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees Game-Used and Autographed Road Jersey$44,289.00
71947 George "Snuffy" Stirnweiss Game-Used Bat Signed by the 47 Championship Team$2,357.00
81956 Jerry Coleman New York Yankees Game-Used Home Flannel Pinstripe Jersey$3,218.00
91958 Elston Howard NY Yankees Game-Used World Series Bat$2,497.00
101966 Pedro Ramos New York Yankees Game-Used Road Flannel Spring Training Jersey$1,210.00
111968 Joe Pepitone Game-Used Yankee Road Pants $466.00
12Circa 1970 Jake Gibbs New York Yankees Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$1,375.00
131972 Roy White New York Yankees Game-Used and Autographed Road Flannel Jersey$1,500.00
141980 Willie Randolph New York Yankees Game-Used Home Knit Pinstripe Jersey$1,431.00
151982 Don Mattingly New York Yankees Game-Used Home Knit Spring Training Jersey$3,328.00
161981 Tommy John New York Yankees Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$881.00
171986 Ron Guidry New York Yankees Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Pinstripe Jersey$2,393.00
181988 Dave Winfield New York Yankees Game-Used Home Pinstripe Jersey$2,593.00
191995 Paul O'Neill New York Yankees Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$1,574.00
201999 Roger Clemens Game-Used Bat$0.00
21April 1, 2001 Roger Clemens Game-Used & Autographed Baseball from Historical Game$1,331.00
22July 10, 2001 Derek Jeter Game-Used & Signed All-Star Game Home Run Bat (with Jeter Letter)$12,555.00
231956 Hank Bauer New York Yankees World Championship Gold Rolex Watch$13,641.00
241961 Roger Maris Limited Edition Tribute Ring (2 out of 10)$2,143.00
251927 NY Yankees Press Pin From Pat Collins Estate$2,852.00
26New York Yankees World Series Press Pin Collection (9)$2,659.00
271963 Johnny Blanchard New York Yankees American League Champions Gold Charm$1,181.00
281941 N.Y. Yankees World Series Press Pin$571.00
291939 Lou Gehrig American Sportsman Plaque$3,025.00
301999 Derek Jeter New York Yankees World Championship Prototype Ring$6,050.00
311973 Oakland Athletics Full Size World Series Trophy$19,326.00
321989 Oakland A's "Battle Of The Bay" World Series Championship Ring (W/Letter From Employee) $5,188.00
331984 Rollie Fingers Rolaids Relief Man Award$0.00
341952 Brooklyn Dodgers Sterling Silver Cuff Links and Money Clip (Very Rare) $976.00
351969 Gil Hodges New York Mets World Championship Ring (SS)$2,417.00
361986 New York Mets World Championship Ring with Documentation (very rare)$8,858.00
371953 Joe Altobelli Reading Indians Eastern League Championship Ring$908.00
381990 Dave Parker Silver Slugger Award$1,610.00
39Ten Assorted World Series and All-Star Press Pins$428.00
40Assorted World Series and All-Star Press Pins (17)$714.00
411922 Jesse Barnes NY Giants World Championship Ring$6,655.00
42Barry Bonds' 2001 "Friday Night Special" Game-Worn Black Alternate Double HR Jersey & Cap$12,079.00
43Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants Warmup Jacket with Letter from Eric Gregg $715.00
44Mid-1920s George "Highpockets" Kelly New York Giants Game-Used Pants w/ Belt$1,250.00
45Circa 1950 Lucky Lohrke New York Giants Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$1,250.00
461958 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$9,987.00
471960 Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants Game-Used and Autographed Home Rookie Jersey$4,430.00
481970 Wes Westrum San Francisco Giants Home Flannel Manager's Jersey$385.00
491989 Will Clark San Francisco Giants Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Jersey$750.00
502001 Rich Aurilia San Francisco Giants Game-Used Black Knit Alternate Jersey$644.00
511966 Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used and Autographed Road Jersey$32,154.00
521936 Wally Millies Brooklyn Dodgers Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey (Very Rare)$3,221.00
531954 Don Bessent Brooklyn Dodgers Game-Used Home Flannel Spring Training Jersey$1,331.00
54Circa 1956 Don Newcombe Brooklyn Dodgers Warm-up Jacket$1,331.00
551960 Joe Pignatano Los Angeles dodgers Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$666.00
56Mid 90s Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used Catcher's Mitt$3,137.00
572001 Shawn Green Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$1,209.00
581962 Hobie Landrith Original New York Mets Jacket$2,563.00
591981 Joe Torre New York Mets Home Knit Manager's Jersey$1,209.00
601999 Roger Cedeno New York Mets Game-Used & Signed Jersey, Pants & Hat$567.00
612001 New York Mets Complete Team Set of Game-Used Black Alternate Hats (41)$1,513.00
622001 Tsuyoshi Shinjo New York Mets Game-Used Home Knit Rookie Jersey$1,210.00
631953 Ed Blake Cincinnati Reds Home Flannel Coach's Jersey$2,214.00
641976 Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds Home Game Used Jersey$5,710.00
651977 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds Game-Used Home Jersey$3,552.00
661995 Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds Road Game-Used Jersey$0.00
672001 Ken Griffey Jr Cincinnati Reds Game-Used Road Knit Vest-Style Jersey$1,513.00
68Circa 1980 Nolan Ryan Houston Astros Game-Used & Signed Home Knit Jersey & Game-Used Knit Pants$5,413.00
691988 Nolan Ryan Game-Used Autographed Hat and Game-Used Pants$1,024.00
702000 Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$1,150.00
711950 Ken Heintzelman Philadelphia Phillies Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$3,450.00
722000 Randy Johnson Arizona Diamond Backs Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$3,221.00
732001 Mike Hampton Colorado Rockies Game-Used Jersey with Team Letter$484.00
742001 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres GameUsed & Autographed Road Knit Flag Jersey w/ Gwynn Certificate$1,331.00
751958 Dick Johnson Chicago Cubs Game-Used Home Flannel Pinstripe Jersey$1,815.00
761959 Lou Jackson Chicago Cubs Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$1,265.00
771972 Billy Williams Chicago Cubs Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Jersey$6,040.00
78Mid-1980s Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs Spring Training Home Coach's Jersey$700.00
791985 Davey Lopes Chicago Cubs Game-Used Blue Alternate Jersey and Pants$250.00
80Late 1980s Andre Dawson Chicago Cubs Game-Used Batting Helmet$600.00
81Mark Grace Equipment Bag with Girardi Road Jersey, and Mooreland Jersey/Pants (3)$600.00
821998 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Game-Used Home Knit Pinstripe Jersey$3,267.00
831985 Tim Raines Montreal Expos Game-Used Road Knit Jersey, 1980 Home Knit Pants & Batting Helmet$590.00
84Late 1940's Warren Spahn Boston Braves Tomahawk Jacket$3,850.00
851954 Bob Keely Boston Braves Home Flannel Coach's Jersey$1,513.00
861956 and 1957 Chuck Tanner Milwaukee Braves Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$1,331.00
871972 Eddie Mathews Atlanta Braves Home Knit Manager Jersey$2,417.00
881972 Orlando Cepeda Atlanta Braves Game-Used and Autographed Home Jersey$2,662.00
891997 John Smoltz Atlanta Braves Game-Used Road Knit Jersey & 1998 John Rocker Atlanta Braves Game-Used Road Knit Jersey (2)$610.00
902000 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$1,997.00
912000 Rafael Furcal Atlanta Braves Game-Used Home Knit Rookie Jersey$779.00
922000 Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$1,099.00
93Circa 1935 Frankie Frisch St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Pants$3,328.00
94Circa 1940s St Louis Cardinals Warm-Up Jacket$1,299.00
951947 Ted Wilks St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$2,197.00
961969 Red Schoendienst St. Louis Cardinals Managers Pants$389.00
971979 Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$5,610.00
98Early 70's Lou Brock Game Used and Autographed Batting Helmet$1,375.00
991998 Mark McGwire St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$5,324.00
1001957 Danny Kravitz Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Home Flannel Vest-Style Jersey$495.00
1011959 Ted Kluszewski Pittsburgh Pirates Home Game Used Flannel Vest$1,757.00
102Mid 70s Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Autographed Helmet$2,363.00
1031970 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$25,895.00
1041980 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Alternate Knit Jersey$3,410.00
1061956 Ed Fitz Gerald Washington Senators Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$2,417.00
1072001 Alex Rodriguez Texas Rangers Game-Used and Autographed Flag Home Knit Jersey w/ AROD Certificate$4,286.00
1082001 Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Jersey$1,209.00
1092001 Rafael Palmiero Game-Used & Autographed Glove with Palmiero LOA$1,037.00
110Circa 1983 Reggie Jackson California Angels Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$1,330.00
1112001 Troy Glaus Anaheim Angels Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$908.00
1121948 Ted Williams Game-Used Boston Red Sox Home Flannel Jersey$42,871.00
1131948 Chuck Stobbs Boston Red Sox Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$825.00
1141962 Tracy Stallard Boston Red Sox Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$1,074.00
1151979 Dwight Evans Boston Red Sox Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Jersey$1,000.00
1161983 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$1,650.00
1171988 Wade Boggs Boston Red Sox Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$1,210.00
118 Nomar Garciaparra Game-Used Cleats$593.00
1192001 Manny Ramirez All-Star Batting Practice Jersey$714.00
1201996 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$2,716.00
1211977 Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles Game-Used and Autographed Orange Alternate Jersey$3,025.00
1221977 Earl Weaver Baltimore Orioles Alternate Orange Knit Manager's Autographed Jersey$1,650.00
1231988 Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Orange Alternate Jersey$3,630.00
1241991 Mike Mussina Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Home Knit Rookie Jersey$2,013.00
1251996 Eddie Murray Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Black Alternate Jersey$1,331.00
1265/26/82 Gaylord Perry Seattle Mariners Win #301 Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Jersey$1,280.00
1271952 George Strickland Cleveland Indians Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$1,948.00
1281965 Steve Hargan Game Used Cleveland Indians Home Flannel Rookie Vest (One-Year Style)$1,265.00
1292001 Juan Gonzalez Cleveland Indians Game-Used Road Knit Jersey$825.00
1301915 Detroit Tigers Game-Used Cap$976.00
1311958 Detroit Tigers Home Flannel Coach's Jersey$1,815.00
1321960s Al Kaline Detroit Tigers Game-Used Batting Helmet$1,464.00
133Circa 1941 Jimmy Dykes Chicago White Sox Game-Worn Manager's Flannel$3,662.00
1341964 Hoyt Wilhelm Chicago White Sox Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey with Pants (2)$1,947.00
1351982 Tony La Russa Chicago White Sox Home Knit Manager's Jersey$1,620.00
1361986 Carlton Fisk Game-Used Chicago White Sox Home Jersey $2,175.00
1371990 Ken Patterson Chicago White Sox Turn Back the Clock Game-Used and Autographed Home Knit Uniform w/Team Letter$518.00
1381991 Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox Game-Used and Autographed Alternate Jersey with Letter$990.00
1391994 Ray Durham Chicago White Sox Game-Used Spring Training Black Knit Alternate Jersey$242.00
1402000 Raul Mondesi Toronto Blue Jays Game-Used Home Knit Vest-Style Jersey w/Team Certificate$400.00
1411999 Shawn Green Autographed and Game-Worn Cleats$354.00
1421971 Jim Perry Minnesota Twins Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$1,702.00
1432001 Brad Radke Minnesota Twins Game-Used Blue Knit Alternate Jersey$403.00
1441988 Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers Game Used Road Jersey$1,770.00
145Early 1990s Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers Game-Used Helmet$750.00
1461952 Morrie Martin Philadelphia Athletics Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$1,831.00
1471948 Rudy York Philadelphia Athletics Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$2,219.00
1481968 Ramon Webster Game-Used Oakland Athletics Home Flannel Vest (One-Year Style)$807.00
1491991 Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics Game-Used Home Knit Jersey$1,628.00
1502001 Jason Giambi Oakland Athletics Game-Used Road Knit Jersey w/Team Letter$1,664.00
1511946 Vern Stephens St. Louis Browns Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$3,897.00
152Mid-1950s Salt Lake City Bees Road Flannel Jersey$484.00
153Thirteen 1950-60s Major League Game-Used Caps$4,716.00
1541992 Ichiro Suzuki Orix Blue Wave Game-Used Rookie Jersey$11,000.00
1551961-64 Roberto Clemente Game-Used Bat $7,073.00
1561975 Pete Rose All-Star Game-Used Bat w/Bat Boy Letter$3,300.00
1571955 Don Zimmer Brooklyn Dodgers Game-Used World Series Bat$1,463.00
1581986 Gary Carter NY Mets World Series Bat Signed By 24 Team Members$887.00
1592001 Tsuyoshi Shinjo Game-Used Bat$428.00
1601999-00 Rickey Henderson Game-Used Bat$584.00
1612001 Mike Piazza Game-Used and Autographed Bat$1,429.00
1621976 Keith Hernandez Game-Used and Autographed Bicentennial Bat$1,150.00
1631999 Chipper Jones World Series Game-Used and Autographed Bat$1,299.00
1642001 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves Game-Used and Autographed Bat$1,170.00
1651987-89 Andre Dawson Game-Used and Autographed Bat$394.00
1661997 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Game-Used Bat$1,037.00
1671983 Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox Game Used Bat$750.00
1682001 Manny Ramirez Game-Used and Autographed Bat$483.00
1691946-47 Ernie Lombardi Game-Used Bat$1,500.00
1701963-67 Orlando Cepeda Game-Used Bat$1,760.00
1711998 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres Game-Used and Autographed Bat$600.00
1722001 Larry Walker Colorado Rockies Game Used Bat with Team Letter $572.00
1732001 Josh Beckett Game-Used Rookie Bat$500.00
174Mid-90s Juan Gonzalez Game Used and Autographed Bat$436.00
1751977-79 Robin Yount Game-Used Bat w/Bat Boy Letter$1,299.00
1761991-95 Kirby Puckett Game-Used Bat$487.00
1772001 Roberto Alomar Cleveland Indians Game-Used Bat$403.00
1782000 Alex Rodriguez Game-Used and Autographed Home Run Bat (#26 off of Pettitte)$2,214.00
1791994 Jay Buhner Game-Used and Autographed Bat and Glove$1,210.00
180All-Star Infielders Game-Used Bats (5)$443.00
1811st Basemen Game-Used Bat Collection of 7 with Carew, Thomas, Clark, Etc.$1,473.00
1821966 Woodie Held Baltimore Orioles World Series Game Bat$275.00
1831973-75 Brooks Robinson Batimore Orioles Game Used and Autographed Bat$1,950.00
1841998 Cal Ripken Jr Game-Used Bat$1,947.00
185Fantastic Original Babe Ruth Autographed Sepia Oversized Photo with Inscription $17,000.00
186Babe Ruth Autographed Framed Photograph$2,357.00
1878/14/1930 Babe Ruth Autographed Photo$1,170.00
188Babe Ruth Signed Photo (PSA/DNA)$2,925.00
1896/11/36 Magnificent Babe Ruth Signed Check$3,543.00
1902001 Roger Clemens Autographed World Series Replica Jersey & Signed 16x20 Photo (2)$584.00
191Mickey Mantle Autographed Collage and Mantle Lithograph (2)$670.00
192Two Autographed Yankee Photos (Martin, Mantle and Ford)$806.00
193Joe DiMaggio Autographed and Framed Rare Original Oversized Print$806.00
194Joe DiMaggio Rosasco Heritage Cup Autographed Golf Bag$0.00
1958/2/51 Ty Cobb Signed Check$990.00
19611/1/62 Jackie Robinson Signed Check$430.00
19710/08/36 Robert Ripley's Testimonial Dinner Menu Signed By Gehrig, "Pop" Warner & Others$1,210.00
1981925 Yankees/Red Sox Autographed Sheet w/ Ruth, Shocker & Huggins$1,948.00
1991946 Fund-Raising Game Photos Signed By Ruth, Cobb & Others$1,664.00
200Sept. 22, 1904 Dinner Menu Signed by Christy Mathewson & Others$1,815.00
201December 15, 1942 Mel Ott ALS with Season Pass$1,331.00
2023/17/1954 Mel Ott Typed Signed Letter$250.00
203" Ki Ki " Cuyler Signed Premium Framed $620.00
2041965 Minnesota Twins American League Champions Autographed Team Photo$400.00
2057/15/75 All-Star Game National League Line-Up Card Signed by Alston W/LOA From Bat Boy$220.00
2061998 Mark McGwire Autographed 70th HR Photograph (PSA/DNA)$3,025.00
207 200 Assorted Baseball Hall of Fame Autographed Postcards$850.00
208February 4, 1974 Nolan Ryan California Angels Players Contract$3,328.00
20910/1/54 Willie Mays Signed MacGregor Contract$825.00
210Babe Ruth Autographed & Inscribed Bat with Great Documentation (PSA-DNA)$7,000.00
211September 20, 1931 Beautiful Babe Ruth Single Signed Baseball (PSA/DNA)$15,693.00
2121927 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball (PSA DNA)$0.00
213Babe Ruth Single Signed and inscribed Baseball with Documentation$2,500.00
2141957 New York Yankees Team Signed Ball$400.00
2151958 World Champion New York Yankees Autographed Ball$400.00
216Magnificent 1959 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball$1,074.00
2171961 World Champion NY Yankees Team Signed Ball (PSA/DNA)$3,308.00
2181961 Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris Autographed Tribute Bat 60/115$2,925.00
219Vintage Mickey Mantle Autographed Store Model Glove$781.00
220Six Single Signed Joe DiMaggio Balls (PSA DNA)$1,558.00
221Ten Whitey Ford Signed & Inscribed Baseballs Notating His World Series Wins $666.00
222Set of Five Signed Yankee World Series Balls ('96, '98, '99, 2000, 2001)$2,659.00
2231998 New York Yankees World Champions Team Signed Bat$682.00
224Arizona Diamondbacks & New York Yankees Team Signed 2001 Official World Series Balls $0.00
2251957 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball$525.00
226Ted Williams Signed Mitchell and Ness Replica Jersey$977.00
227Ted Williams Autographed Baseball Bat$779.00
2281967 Boston Red Sox American League Champions Signed Baseball$1,074.00
2291969 Washington Senators Team Signed Bat$1,210.00
230Three 1970s Team Signed Balls Including 1975 American League Champs Red Sox$584.00
2311962 Magnificent New York Mets Spring Training Ball with Hornsby (2), Stengel, Hodges, and Weiss$1,997.00
2321986 New York Mets World Champions Team Signed WS Ball$471.00
2331943 Saint Louis Cardinals Team Signed Baseball (NL Champs)$779.00
234Single Signed Mark McGwire Ball$450.00
2351960 Rogers Hornsby (HOF) Single Signed Baseball$0.00
236Jackie Robinson Single-Signed Baseball$4,593.00
237Zach Wheat Double Signed Inscribed Baseball$1,650.00
238Dizzy Dean Single Signed Baseball$2,301.00
2391949 Philadelphia A's Signed Ball with Connie Mack & Al Simmons on Sweet Spot$550.00
2402001 Seattle Mariners Team Signed Bat with Ichiro$483.00
241Father-Son Autographed Baseball Collection (5)$1,000.00
2421970s National League Team Signed Baseballs (3) $266.00
243Three Record Breakers Signed Balls (Aaron, Oh, Williams/Terry)$450.00
244Hall of Famers and Stars Collection of 26 Single Signed Baseballs$708.00
24521 Hall of Fame Single Signed Baseballs$708.00
24624 Single Signed HOFers and Stars Baseballs$1,771.00
24720 Assorted Balls Single-Signed by 16 All-Stars Plus Four Negro League HOFers$649.00
24815 Single Signed 1950s AL and NL All-Star Balls $468.00
2491975 American League All-Star Team Signed Split Bat$443.00
2502000 All-Star Game Autographed Baseball Bat (PSA/DNA)$644.00
2511934 Tour of Japan Autographed Baseball with Ruth & Gehrig$2,659.00
2521933-34-35 Autographed All-Star Ball from Lefty Grove Estate$5,125.00
253Beautiful Foxx, Speaker, Cobb, Grove, and Vance Signed Baseball$6,875.00
2541928 Al Smith Presidential Poster Featuring Ruth. Gehrig, Sarazen, Tunney, Etc. (Rare)$3,897.00
2551955 Brooklyn Dodgers 3-D Schaefer Beer Display $1,513.00
2562001 Subway Series Mets-Yankees On Deck Circle$3,766.00
2571912 Boston Red Champions Poster Framed$1,320.00
2581914 Miracle Braves Pennant and Pin$1,600.00
2591915-16 Philladelphia Phillies Wire Photos (3)$550.00
2601916 Framed Brooklyn Robins Team Photograph$1,771.00
2611919 World Champion Cincinnati Reds Panoramic Display of Player Photos$500.00
2621929 Framed Philadelphia A's Team Panorama$1,173.00
2631930s Babe Ruth Baseball Game$785.00
264Circa 1950s Yankee Stadium Baby Ruth Vendors Jacket & Box (Rare)$605.00
265Original Commerce High School Yearbook with Great Gehrig Photos$500.00
266Oct 27, 1928 "Bustin Babes" and "Larrupin' Lous" Score Book (very rare)$1,250.00
267July 21, 1939 Lou Gehrig's Last Game in Pinstripes Program$275.00
26820 Mickey Mantle Home Run Ticket Stubs with Autographed Photo (framed)$750.00
2694/17/51 Mickey Mantle Debut Ticket Stub (very rare)$1,074.00
27005/01/51 Mickey Mantle First Major League Home Run Ticket Stub$799.00
271Mickey Mantle 16 World Series Home Run Ticket Stubs & Signed Photo Display$4,290.00
2721961 New York Yankees World Series Black Bat$1,209.00
273Framed Kool Cigarette Advertising Piece$266.00
274Ebbets Field Schaefer Sign by Sax$471.00
275Ted Williams Limited Edition Lithograph$389.00
2761950s Jackie Robinson Dodger Doll$750.00
277Barry Bonds & Willie Mays 50th Anniversary "TBC" Jerseys$803.00
2781884 Spalding's Baseball Guide$471.00
2798/20/1885 Fabulous Texas Rangers Photo Holding Baseball Bats (Vintage)$484.00
2801933 World Series Program & Game 4/5 Ticket Stubs$330.00
281Lot of World Series Ticket Stubs (27 Assorted)$605.00
282Assorted World Series & All-Star Programs and Tickets $590.00
283Fantastic New York Mets Lot $1,650.00
284Original Stan Musial Easel Back Advertisement$484.00
285NY Giants Polo Grounds Original Single Seat$2,000.00
286Brooklyn Dodgers Ebbets Field Seat$3,328.00
287Pair of New York Yankees Curved Back Seats$1,770.00
288Two Original Brigg's Stadium Seats$900.00
289Original Crosley Field Reds Figural Seat$1,729.00
2901920-1930s Wrigley Field Folding Box Seat$266.00
291Vintage Wrigley Field Seat (with Team Documentation)$389.00
292Chicago White Sox Locker Room Seat$182.00
293Comisky Park Double Seat with Team Letter of Authenticity$382.00
294Arlington Stadium Seat with Stadium Plaque Autographed by Ryan$759.00
295Original Forbes Field Stadium Seat$976.00
296Ernie Banks 500 Home Run Trophy$13,200.00
297Mid 1920s Babe Ruth Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$24,158.00
2981939 Jimmie Foxx Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$20,132.00
299Circa 1942-43 Mel Ott Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$19,965.00
300Early 1950s Ted Williams Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$10,718.00
3011959-60 Eddie Mathews Game-Used and Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$4,127.00
3021962 Ernie Banks All-Star Game-Used and Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$5,125.00
303Mid 1960s Mickey Mantle Game-Used & Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$17,686.00
3041965-68 Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins Game-Used & Signed Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,411.00
3051965-68 Willie McCovey Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$2,592.00
3061969-72 Reggie Jackson Game-Used Autographed Rookie Era Bat (PSA/DNA)$2,593.00
3071972 Frank Robinson Game Used & Autographed Baseball Bat (PSA/DNA)$1,771.00
3081973 Willie Mays NLCS Game-Used and Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$4,500.00
3091973-75 Hank Aaron Game-Used and Autographed Baseball Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,328.00
3101980-83 Eddie Murray Game-Used and Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$1,735.00
3111985 Mike Schmidt Game-Used and Autographed Bat (PSA/DNA)$1,099.00
3121986-89 Barry Bonds Game-Used Rookie Era Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,137.00
3131998 Mark McGwire Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$2,430.00
314500 Home Run Club Autographed Bat 146/300$1,181.00
315Complete Set of 500 HR Club Full Tickets from HR Games (17)$879.00
316500 Home Run Hitters Framed Collection of Single Signed Baseballs (11)$1,266.00
3171999 All-Star Game Home Run Derby Ball Hit by Mark McGwire (Letter from Don Zimmer)$1,852.00
3188/21/71 Hank Aaron HR Ball # 627 off Pitcher Steve Carlton$1,331.00
3191910 "A Fan For A Fan" Christy Mathewson$2,420.00
3201887 N28 Allen & Ginter Jos. Dion (Billiards) PSA NM-MT 8$475.00
3211887 N28 Allen & Ginter J. Schaefer (Billiard) PSA NM-MT 8$466.00
3221887 N28 Allen & Ginter Geo. F. Slosson (Billiards) PSA NM-MT 8$466.00
3231887 N28 Allen & Ginter Charlie Mitchell (Pugilists) PSA NM-MT 8$466.00
3241887 N28 Allen & Ginter E.A. Trickett (Oarsmen) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3251887 N28 Allen & Ginter Matsada Sorakichi (Wrestler) PSA NM 7$220.00
3261887 N28 Allen & Ginter Young Bibby (Wrestler) PSA NM 7$200.00
3271887 N28 Allen & Ginter J.H. McLaughlin (Wrestler) PSA NM 7$165.00
3281887 N28 Allen & Ginter Dr. W.F. Carver (Rifle Shooter) PSA NM 7$200.00
3291888 N29 Allen & Ginter Dr. James Dwight (Tennis) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3301888 N29 Allen & Ginter Capt. Daly (All Around Athlete) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3311888 N29 Allen & Ginter Alex Paulsen (Skater) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3321888 N29 Allen & Ginter F.F. Ives (Cyclist) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3331888 N29 Allen & Ginter Capt. Paul Boyton (Swimmer) PSA NM-MT 8$385.00
3341888 N29 Allen & Ginter Jack Havlin (Pugilist) PSA NM 7$165.00
3351888 N29 Allen & Ginter Patsey Kerrigan (Pugilist) PSA NM 7$165.00
3361888 N29 Allen & Ginter Percy Stone (Cyclist) PSA NM 7$150.00
3371888 N29 Allen & Ginter H.G. Crocker (Cyclist) PSA NM 7$150.00
3381888 N29 Allen & Ginter C.W.V. Clarke (Walker) PSA NM 7$150.00
3391888 N29 Allen & Ginter James Albert (Pedestrian) PSA NM 7$150.00
3401910 S74 Silks Lot - Baker, Bresnahan (4)$250.00
3411914 Boston Garter #6 Bob Bescher$706.00
3421913 Boston Garter #12 Charlie Herzog $1,502.00
3431914 Boston Garter #4 Hughie Jennings (HOF)$1,947.00
3441928 George Ruth Candy Co. #5 $242.00
3451933 Goudey Hall of Fame Group (40 Cards)$682.00
3461968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan (HOF, RC)$293.00
347Lot of 7 Upper Deck NY Yankees Legends Game-Used Equipment Cards$708.00
3481912 Imperial Tobacco (C46) Partial Set (41 Cards)$484.00
349T205 Gold Borders Partial Set (135 Cards)$4,873.00
350T205 Gold Borders Minor League Lot (12 Cards)$892.00
351T205 Gold Borders Christy Mathewson$500.00
3521940 Zip Comics #1 CGC VF/NM 9.0 (MLJ) $0.00
3531940 Master Comics #1 (Fawcett) $1,100.00
3541939 New York World's Fair Comics CGC VG/FN 5.0 (DC)$0.00
3551940 New York World's Fair Comics CGC FN 6.0 (DC) (Larson Copy)$3,080.00
3561941 Batman # 7 CGC FN/VF 7.0 (DC) (Crowley Copy)$1,100.00
3571944-45 Batman #26 CGC NM- 9.2 (DC) (Twilight Copy)$1,210.00
3581941 World's Best Comics #1 CGC VG/FN 5.0 (DC)$2,500.00
3591941 All-Winners Comics #1 CGC VG+ 4.5 (Timely) Schomburg, Simon & Kirby$0.00
3601942 Boy Commandos #1 CGC FN/VF 7.0 (DC) Simon & Kirby$0.00
3611956 Showcase #4 CGC FN+ 6.5 (DC) Infantino & Kubert$4,500.00
3621963 Tales Of Suspense #39 CGC FN/VF 7.0 (Marvel) Jack Kirby!$0.00
3631964 X-Men # 4 CGC NM- 9.2 (Marvel) Jack Kirby$676.00
3641966 Amazing Spider-Man #33 CGC NM 9.4 (Marvel)$550.00
3651968 Marvel Silver Age Lot of Certified First Issues (4)$524.00
3661971 20 x 30 Color Portrait of Paul and Linda McCartney #7/100$787.00
3671967 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Jimi Hendrix #1/100$600.00
3681969 20 x 30 Color Portrait of Jimi Hendrix #1/100$715.00
3691968 20 x 30 Color Portrait of Jim Morrison #1/100$770.00
3701969 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Jim Morrison #1/100$600.00
3711969 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of James Taylor #1/100$700.00
3721969 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Janis Joplin #1/100 $879.00
3731969 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Mick Jagger #1/100$700.00
3741969 20 x 30 Group Color Photo of Crosby, Stills and Nash #6/100$600.00
3751970 20 x 30 Color Portrait of Joni Mitchell #1/100$0.00
3761970 20 x 24 B&W Group Photo of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young #1/100$660.00
3771971 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Joni Mitchell #1/100$500.00
3781971 20 x 30 Color Portrait of Dylan and Harrison in Concert #2/100$787.00
3791972 20 x 30 Color Portrait of the Eagles #1/100$847.00
3801975 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Neil Young #2/100$0.00
3811971 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Jerry Garcia #1/100$600.00
3821977 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Paul McCartney #10/100$550.00
3831979 20 x 24 B&W Portrait of Keith Richards #1/100$600.00
38412/25/83 John Lennon and Yoko Ono "Milk and Honey" Christmas Gifts$0.00
385Beatles Miniature Bobbin-Head Dolls (4)$666.00
386Grateful Dead Autographed "Workingman's Dead" Album Cover w/Garcia, Mydland$605.00
387Jerry Garcia Autographed Photo Print$250.00
388Grateful Dead "Fire On The Mountain" Original Handwritten Lyrics w/Original Fax From Robert Hunter $2,500.00
38912/7/87 Madonna Ciccone Signed Movie Contract$466.00
3901978 Billy Joel Grammy Award for "Just the Way You Are" $9,852.00
3911930s Louis Marx "Amos & Andy Fresh Air Taxi" Tin Wind-Up$0.00
3921943 "Alfalfa" Signed Photograph (extremely rare)$1,037.00
393Richard Boone Show-Worn Tuxedo from "Have Gun - Will Travel" w/ LOA from Son$1,000.00
394Hogans Heroes Framed Autographed Documents$363.00
3951979 Fully Autographed "Happy Days" & "Laverne and Shirley" Scripts$424.00
396Penny Marshall "Laverne & Shirley" Show-Used Pink "L" Sweater$1,100.00
397Academy Award Prototype Statuette$726.00
3981933 "The Song Of Songs" (Paramount Pictures) Insert$2,142.00
3991934 "Broadway Bill" (Columbia Pictures) Insert$389.00
4001936 "San Francisco" (MGM) Insert$620.00
4011939 "The Oklahoma Kid" (Warner Bros) Insert$666.00
4021940 "City For Conquest" (Warner Brothers) Insert$550.00
4031949 "On The Town" Framed One-Sheet Movie Poster$303.00
4041950 Alfred Hitchcock "Stage Fright" (Warner Brothers) One Sheet$242.00
4051952 "Moulin Rouge" (United Artists) One-Sheet Poster$354.00
4061957 Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" Original Movie Poster$1,664.00
407Assorted Movie Inserts, Lobby Cards & Half Sheet Posters (17)$182.00
408John Wayne Single Signed Baseball$1,299.00
4093' Statue of Yoda From "Phantom Menace"$585.00
410"Jewish Pride" Oil Painting by Robert Stephen Simon$999.00
411February 14, 1955 Original Plot Plan of Disneyland Theme Park & Disneyland Railroad Design Package$0.00
412Circa 1984 Magic Johnson L.A Lakers Home Game Used Jersey with Tiernen LOA$4,283.00
4131996-97 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Mesh Rookie Jersey$7,050.00
414Mid-70s Kareem Adbul-Jabbar Game-Used & Signed Milwaukee Bucks Sneaker$333.00
4152000 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals Game-Used Sneakers$1,370.00
4161992-93 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Rookie Home Game-Used Jersey w/ Doc.$4,287.00
417Mid-1990s Shaquille O'Neal Game-Used Sneaker w/2 Autographed Photos$714.00
4181992-93 Karl Malone Utah Jazz Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$825.00
4192000-01 Keith Van Horn New Jersey Nets Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey with Team Certificate$1,029.00
4202000-01 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs Game-Used and Autographed home Mesh Jersey and Shoes$887.00
4211992-93 Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey and Shorts$1,600.00
4221995-96 Chris Webber Washington Bullets Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey w/Team Documentation$847.00
423Early 1980s Alex English Denver Nuggets Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$708.00
4241997-98 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey (Team Letter)$1,250.00
4251959 Wilt Chamberlain Game-Used Kutsher's Jersey, Trophy and Book$4,400.00
42610/10/67 Wilt Chamberlain Signed Original NBA Players Contract (PSA/DNA)$2,723.00
4271960-61 Andy Johnson Philadelphia Warriors Game-Used Home Durene Jersey$535.00
428Circa 1970 Billy Cunningham Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used Road Shorts$275.00
4292001-02 Memphis Grizzlies Shane Battier Game-Used and Autographed Road Rookie Jersey$1,012.00
430Circa 1976-77 John Havlicek Boston Celtics Home Warm-Up Jacket$3,221.00
4311986 Dennis Johnson Boston Celtics Warm-Up Jacket$733.00
432Mid 1980s Larry Bird Boston Celtics Game-Used Home Knit Jersey with Letter$3,328.00
4331991 Larry Bird Boston Celtics Autographed Road Warm-Up Jacket$1,964.00
4342001-02 Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey$2,000.00
435Original Boston Arena Triple Seats$333.00
436Late 1960's ABA Referee Shirt$1,729.00
4371971 ABA All-Star Golf Bag$532.00
438Late 1960s Geese Ausbie Harlem Globetrotters Game-Used Jersey with Shorts (& Ausbie Letter)$3,520.00
4391956 Ron Sobiesczyk Coca-Cola All-Americans vs. Globetrotter MVP Trophy$298.00
4401967-68 Clem Haskins Chicago Bulls Game-Used Home Knit Rookie Jersey$487.00
441Complete Run of NBA Game Worn Player Warm-Ups from Every Team (29)$2,420.00
4421995-96 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Black Mesh Alternate Jersey with Shorts$7,321.00
443Late 1930's Max Baer Fight Worn Boxing Gloves with Great Documentation$1,000.00
444July 22, 1893 James J Corbett Signed Cabinet Card$550.00
445Roberto Duran Autographed Fight Robe$825.00
4461919 Dempsey vs Willard Debut Film Half Sheet$266.00
447Vinny Pazienza Fight Worn Robe and Shorts$0.00
44803/22/67 Ali-Folley Original On-Site Fight Poster (Very Rare)$2,500.00
449March 1, 1972 Ali vs Foster Rare On-Site Fight Program $1,209.00
450Oct. 30, 1974 Ali vs Foreman "Rumble In The Jungle" On-Site Fight Program (Rare)$3,025.00
4511974 Oversized Original Foreman vs. Ali "Rumble In The Jungle" Closed Circuit Poster$750.00
452Oct. 1, 1975 Ali vs Frazier "Thrilla In Manilla" On-Site Fight Program (Rare) $4,027.00
453Dec. 11, 1981 Ali vs Berbick "Drama In Bahama" On-Site Fight Program.$1,650.00
454Ali-Frazier "Thrilla in Manilla" Fight Poster Neiman Print Signed by All Three$999.00
455March 6, 1985 Muhammad Ali Twice-Signed Check$825.00
456Muhammad Ali Worn and Autographed Training Robe$3,461.00
457Muhammad Ali Signed Ticket Pouch, Ali/Frazier II Ticket Stub & Five Fight Programs$333.00
458Feb. 10, 2002 Muhammad Ali/Joe Frazier Autographed All-Star Full Ticket$1,100.00
4591996 Tiger Woods Framed & Autographed Pairing Sheet from First PGA Tournament As a Professional$1,210.00
460Payne Stewart Used Golf Club with COA from His Wife$1,771.00
4612001 Masters Flag Autographed by 16 Former Master Winners (PSA/DNA)$1,429.00
462Bobby Jones Signed Envelope with Two Original Photos$1,209.00
463Circa 1989 Michael Andretti Racing Suit$941.00
4641994 Michael Lapper World Cup Soccer Jersey Autographed by Team$333.00
4651910 Carlisle Indian School Watch Owned by Jim Thorpe$1,925.00
466Jimmy Connors U.S. Open Tournament-Used & Signed T-2000 Racket (Connors LOA) $825.00
4671999 Dan Marino Game-Used and Autographed Helmet (ex-Catello)$4,430.00
4681989 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Game-Used & Signed Teal Mesh Jersey with Letter (Ex-Catello)$4,027.00
469Circa 1970 Paul Warfield Miami Dolphins Game-Used Helmet (ex-Catello)$1,250.00
470Early 1980s Curtis Dickey Baltimore Colts Game-Used & Signed Road White Mesh Jersey$385.00
4711992 Eric Dickerson Indianapolis Colts Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey$1,430.00
472Mid-1990s Marshall Faulk Indianapolis Colts Game-Used Home Jersey$2,420.00
4732000 Ken Dilger Indianapolis Colts Game-Used and Autographed Home Mesh Jersey$403.00
4742001 Marvin Harrison Indianapolis Colts Game-Used & Signed Blue Mesh Jersey$990.00
4751997 Tony Boselli Game-Used & Autographed Pro Bowl Jersey (Ex-Catello) $644.00
4762001 Mark Brunell Jacksonville Jaguars Game-Used Home Jersey$667.00
4772001 Jimmy Smith Jacksonville Jaguars Game-Used Road White Mesh Jersey$605.00
478Early 1980s Ozzie Newsome Cleveland Browns Game-Used and Autographed Road Durene Jersey$1,100.00
4791995 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos Rookie Game-Used Helmet$3,411.00
4802000 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey$1,750.00
4812001 Brian Griese Denver Broncos Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$2,867.00
4822001 Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers Game-Used Black Mesh Jersey$1,815.00
4831997 Willie McGinest New England Patriots Game-Used Road Jersey$303.00
484Mid 1980s Howie Long Los Angeles Raiders Game-Used and Autographed Black Home Mesh Jersey$1,330.00
4851980s Dave Casper Raiders Equipment Bag & 4 Houston Oilers Bags$150.00
4861994 Dave Krieg Detroit Lions Game-Used and Autographed Blue Mesh "Turn Back the Clock" Jersey$303.00
4872001 Trent Dilfer Seattle Seahawks Game-Used and Autographed Road Jersey$500.00
4881973 OJ Simpson Buffalo Bills Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$1,612.00
4891994 Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills Turn Back the Clock Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$1,770.00
4902001 Eric Moulds Buffalo Bills Game-Used White Road Mesh Jersey$887.00
491Early 1980s Kellen Winslow Pro Bowl White Mesh Jersey w/Winslow Letter$1,430.00
4921981 Earl Campbell Houston Oilers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$2,750.00
4931982 Earl Campbell Pro Bowl Touchdown Football$366.00
4941980 Ken Stabler & Dick Nolan Houston Oilers Wind Breakers$165.00
4953 Houston Oilers Game-Used Jerseys: Late 1980s Alonzo Highsmith, Circa 1984 Keith Bostic, Circa 1981 Leon Gray $322.00
4961969 George Sauer Game-Used and Signed AFL All-Star Jersey with Letter from Sauer$2,563.00
497Circa 1973 Joe Namath New York Jets Game-Used and Autographed Green Mesh Jersey$7,268.00
498Circa 1986 Mark Gastineau New York Jets Game-Used Helmet$750.00
4991995 Hugh Douglas New York Jets Game-Used Green Mesh Rookie Jersey$500.00
5001998 Wayne Chrebet NY Jets Road White Mesh Game-Used Jersey$825.00
5012001 LaMont Jordan New York Jets Game-used White Mesh Rookie Jersey$850.00
5022001 Santana Moss New York Jets Game-Used Home Mesh Rookie Jersey$1,331.00
5031938 N.Y. Football Giants Spectacular World Championship Jacket$2,851.00
504Early 1950s Arnie Weinmeister New York Giants Game-Used Road Durene Jersey$1,000.00
505Early 1980s Bill Parcell New York Giants Sideline Jacket$1,100.00
506Early 1990s Lawrence Taylor N.Y. Giants Road Game-Used Jersey$2,592.00
5072000 Kerry Collins New York Giants Home Game-Used Jersey$750.00
5081993 Mark Clayton Green Bay Packers Game-used Green Mesh Jersey$402.00
5091994 Sterling Sharpe Green Bay Packers Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey$887.00
5102000 Brett Favre Packers Home Game-Used Jersey$3,218.00
5112001 Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings Game-Used Purple Home Mesh Jersey$2,197.00
5121990s Isaac Bruce Game-Used St Louis Rams Helmet$0.00
5132001 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams Game-Used Helmet$3,995.00
5141999 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams Game-Used & Signed Road Jersey w/ Pants$2,928.00
5152000 Torry Holt St Louis Rams Home Blue Mesh Game-Used Jersey$1,210.00
517Circa 1970 Bill Bradley Philadelphia Eagles Game-Used Helmet$806.00
518Early 1970s Bill Bradley NFC Pro Bowl Game-Used Jersey$806.00
5191987 Reggie White Philadelphia Eagles Game-Used Home Green Mesh Jersey$3,465.00
520Roger Staubach 1970s Dallas Cowboys Game-Used Home Jersey$11,110.00
521Early 1970s Tody Smith Dallas Cowboys Game-Used White Durene Jersey$664.00
522Cliff Harris, Jim Jeffcoat, Everson Walls & Charlie Waters Dallas Cowboys Game-Used Jerseys (4) $1,525.00
5232001 Darrell Green Washington Redskins Game-Used Home Jersey$785.00
524Chicago Bears Game-Used Helmets of Avellini and Gentry (2)$466.00
525Circa 1985 Walter Payton Chicago Bears Game-Used and Autographed Home Jersey$6,442.00
5262000 Warren Sapp Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey$750.00
527Mid-1980s Billy "White Shoes" Johnson Atlanta Falcons Game-Used Red Mesh Jersey$976.00
5282001 Joe Horn New Orleans Saints Game-Used Helmet $443.00
5291983-84 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Helmet$3,993.00
5301990 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers Game-Used and Autographed Home Jersey$3,661.00
5312000 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$3,242.00
5321992 Ricky Watters San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey w/Team Letter$1,150.00
533Circa 1991 Steve Young San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$1,771.00
5342001 Terrell Owens San Francisco 49ers Game-Used Home Mesh Jersey$750.00
535 Game-Used NFL Helmets (9)$1,770.00
5361994 Brian Simmons Sun Bowl Ring$1,209.00
537Fran Tarkenton NFL Players Association Ring$1,948.00
538Touchdown Club of Washington, DC "Timmie" Award$0.00
5391959-1960 Vince Lombardi Signed Checks (7)$649.00
5407/8/67 George Sauer, Jr. AFL Jets Player Contract Signed by Sauer & Ewbank$220.00
54109/12/64 Framed NY Jets Inaugural Game Program & Ticket Stub$400.00
542Hundreds of Football Autographs From the Henry C. West Collection$2,037.00
5431990 Dolphins 25th Anniversary Autographed Football $293.00
5441995 Jaguars/Panthers Game Ball & Commerative Signed Helmet (2)$333.00
5452000 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Autographed Helmets$649.00
5462000 Football Hall of Fame Signed Helmet$666.00
547Six Super Bowl Programs Including SB I$333.00
5481977 Notre Dame National Champions Autographed Football with Montana$303.00
549Super Bowl XXVI Game-Used Football Signed By Jim Kelly (ex-Catello)$350.00
550Super Bowl XXV Game-Used Football (ex-Catello)$700.00
551Super Bowl XXI Game-Used Football (ex-Catello)$650.00
5521991 Jeff Boyd Toronto Argonauts Grey Cup Championship Ring$1,815.00
553Montreal Alouettes Game-Used Jerseys: 1978 Joe Barnes, 1986 Brett Williams, & Mid-1980s Nick Arakgi (3)$440.00
5541978 Johnny Rodgers Montreal Alouettes Signed Contract & Game-Used Shoes$0.00
555Circa 1977 Junior Ah You Montreal Alouettes Game-Used Jersey$400.00
5561977 Peter Dalla Riva Montreal Alouettes Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey & Shoes (2)$0.00
5571960s Leo Lewis Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL Jersey & Pants with Letter From Lewis$419.00
5581993 Pierre Mondou Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Ring$8,785.00
5591924-96 Montreal Forum Seats (3) $750.00
5601980 Bryan Trottier New York Islanders Game-Used Road Mesh Jersey$4,164.00
5611984 Dennis Potvin New York Islanders Road Game-Used Jersey$2,851.00
562Early 1980s Billy Smith New York Islanders Home Mesh Jersey$1,770.00
5631984-85 Ken Morrow New York Islanders Game-Used Home Durene Jersey$443.00
564Bobby Orr Game-Used Hockey Stick (Rookie Era)$1,757.00
565Bobby Orr Autographed Photograph of 1970 Stanley Cup Winning Goal (Limited Edition)$590.00
566Brett Hull "Team USA" Game-Used & Autographed Hockey Gloves$605.00
5672000-01 Chris Chelios Detroit Red Wings Game-Used Home Mesh Playoff Jersey$3,136.00
5681972-73 John Hanna World Hockey Association Game-Used All-Star Jersey$2,720.00
5691933 NY Rangers Stanley Cup Champions Signed Team Photo Supplement$0.00
570Mark Messier Autographed Stanley Cup Caricature by Artist Sax$242.00
5712/8/83 Wayne Gretzky Game-Used All-Star Jersey w/Copy of Letter From Hockey Hall of Fame$13,287.00