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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
1Peyton Manning Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA)$150.00
2Ndamukong Suh Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA)$110.00
3Joe Montana Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA)$222.00
5Lou Holtz Notre Dame Autographed Game Model Football (Steiner COA)$75.00
6Dick Butkus Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA)$110.00
7Ben Roethlisberger Autographed SB XL Football (MM Holo Only) (Steiner COA)$150.00
8Alabama Running Backs Multi Signed Football (Alabama COA) (LE/323) (Steiner COA)$0.00
9Jason Kidd Autographed I/O Basketball (Steiner COA)$70.00
10Dennis Rodman Autographed I/O Basketball w/" HOF 2011" Insc (Steiner COA)$68.00
11 1970 NY Knicks Autographed Basketball (MSG Holo Only) $0.00
13Derek Jeter Autographed Game Model Bat (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$350.00
14Mark McGwire Autographed Rawlings 583 hr Game Model Bat (numbered 1-583) (Steiner COA)$0.00
15Ike Davis 2011Game Used & Autographed Bat w/" 2011 Game Used" Insc (Steiner COA)$0.00
17Derek Jeter Autographed Yankees Authentic Home Pinstripe Jersey (Signed on Front) (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$385.00
18David Ortiz Autographed Red Sox Authentic Home White Majestic Jersey (Steiner COA)$200.00
19David Wright Autographed Mets Authentic Home Pinstripe Jersey - (Locker Room Memorabilia COA)$0.00
20Clayton Kershaw Autographed LA Dodgers Replica Home Jersey (Steiner COA)$85.00
21Martin Brodeur Autographed Authentic Reebok White Devils Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
22Mark McGwire Tom Seaver Randy Johnson & Fred Lynn Signed USC Trojans Stat Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
232004 / 2007 Red Sox 7 Signature Terry Francona Jersey w/ 04 & 07 WS Patches (Steiner COA)$0.00
24Alex Rodriguez Autographed New York Yankees Home Replica Jersey No Number (Steiner COA)$350.00
25Mark Messier Autographed New York Rangers 1994 Replica White Home Jersey w/"94 Cup" Insc (Steiner COA)$200.00
262007 Giants Team Signed Eli Manning White Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
27Troy Tulowitzki Autographed Authentic White Pinstripe Rockies Jersey (Signed on the Front) (Steiner COA)$0.00
282007 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Curt Schilling Replica Gray Jersey (LE 50) (Steiner COA)$0.00
291980 Team USA Signed White Hockey Jersey (Steiner COA)$400.00
30Magic Johnson Autographed M&N 90-91 Western Conference All Star Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
31Mark Teixeira Autographed Yankees Authentic Home Jersey w/ Inaugural Season Patch (Signed on Front) (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$350.00
32Hank Aaron Autographed 1974 M&N Home Atlanta Braves Jersey (Signed on Front) (Steiner COA)$0.00
33NY Giants Greats Multi Signed Full Size Helmet (Steiner COA)$0.00
34Martin Brodeur Autographed New Jersey Devils Replica Full Size Goalie Mask (Steiner COA)$180.00
35Gene Stallings Autographed University Of Alabama Full-size Helmet w/ "92 National Champs" Insc (Steiner COA)$150.00
361970s Cowboys Greats Team Signed Helmet (Steiner COA)$847.00
37Chad Johnson Autographed Bengals Pro Helmet (Steiner COA)$70.00
38Notre Dame Greats Multi Signed Helmet (Steiner COA)$0.00
40LaDainian Tomlinson Autographed New York Jets Pro Line Helmet (Steiner COA)$0.00
41Rudy Ruettiger Autographed Notre Dame Full Size Helmet (Steiner COA)$150.00
45Chase Headley Autographed San Diego Padres Authentic Hat (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$30.00
46Evel Knievel Signed Cape (AS Auth COA) (Steiner COA)$0.00
47CC Sabathia Game Used & Autographed Cleat (Single) (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$0.00
48Albert Pujols 2011 Game Used & Autographed Cleat (Single) (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$0.00
49Mike Piazza Game Used & Autographed Cleat (Steiner COA)$350.00
50Nolan Ryan Autographed Game Model Glove (Steiner COA)$182.00
51Jake LaMotta Autographed Everlast Boxing Glove (Steiner COA)$70.00
52Brett Gardner Signed 2010 Game Used Batting Glove w/' GU 2010" Inscription (Single) (Steiner COA)$77.00
53Dustin Keller Autographed Meadowlands Seatback (Steiner COA)$10.00
54Phil Simms & Lawrence Taylor Dual Signed Authentic Seatback From Giants Stadium (Steiner COA)$0.00
55New York Giants "Super Bowl XXI" 5 Signature Seatback (LE/ 100) (Steiner COA)$0.00
56Paul O'Neill Autographed Yankee Stadium Issued Seatback (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$154.00
58Multi-Signed Authentic Seatback from The Original Yankee Stadium w/ 41 Autographs$0.00
59Authentic Seat Back from Wrigley Field (Cubs-Steiner LOA)$70.00
61Martin Brodeur Autographed New Jersey Devils Replica Mini Goalie Helmet (Steiner COA)$46.00
62Clay Matthews Autographed Green Bay Packers Replica Mini Helmet (Legends of the Field Auth COA)$0.00
631988 Notre Dame National Champs 5 Signature Mini Helmet (LE 88) (Steiner COA)$110.00
64Tony Rice Autographed Notre Dame PLAC Mini Helmet (Steiner COA)$6.00
66Tyler Hansbrough Autographed 6"x6" Square of UNC Final Four Championship Court (Steiner COA)$37.00
67UNC Basketball Engraved 12x12 Bracket (Steiner COA)$15.00
68Dennis Potvin with Stanley Cup in the Dark 16 Signature 20x24 Photo (Steiner COA)$0.00
69Frank Gifford Autographed "Giants Rewrite History" New York Times Print (Steiner COA)$13.00
7011 Signature Pittsburgh Steeler Greats View From Outside Three Rivers 20x24 (Steiner COA)$0.00
71Alex Rodriguez 2009 WS Celebration Team Signed 20x24 Photo (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA)$0.00
72Mark Messier / Brian Leetch / Adam Graves / Mike Richter Multi Signed with Cup Horizontal 16x20 Photo w/ "Years Insc." (Steiner COA)$0.00
73Jay Z Autographed Discography 16x20 Photo (Steiner COA)$0.00
74James Blake Autographed US Open Fist Pump Signed Photo (Steiner COA)$1.00
84# 27 Chestnut Syracuse 2006 Game Used Navy Football Jersey (Steiner COA) (Steiner COA)$0.00
85# 55 Williams Syracuse 2006 Game Used White Football Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
86# 91 Gilbeaux Syracuse 2006 Game Used White Football Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
87Brandon Erickson #24 Notre Dame Locker Room Nameplate (Notre-Dame Steiner LOA)$1.00
88Eric Maust #43 Notre Dame Game Used Locker Room Nameplate (Notre-Dame Steiner LOA)$1.00
89Joe Brockington #52 Notre Dame Locker Room Nameplate (Notre-Dame Steiner LOA)$1.00
90Michael Turkovich #77 Notre Dame Locker Room Nameplate (Notre-Dame Steiner LOA)$1.00
91Nate Whitaker #33 Notre Dame Locker Room Nameplate (Notre-Dame Steiner LOA)$1.00
92# 75 Durand Syracuse 2006 Game Used Football Jersey (Steiner COA)$0.00
94Dick Butkus Autographed Illinois #50 Replica Throwback Mini Helmet (Steiner COA)$51.00
96Peyton Manning Autographed Tennessee Replica Mini Helmet (Signed in Black) (Steiner COA)$0.00
97#8 Authentic Seatback from Yankee Stadium (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$70.00
98Sparky Lyle & Ron Guidry Dual Signed Authentic Yankee Stadium Seatback w/ Cy Young Inscriptions (Closed Slats) (Steiner COA)$110.00
100Peyton Manning SB XLI Football (Steiner COA)$201.00