• Maravich LSU SOLD FOR: $108,000

• '76 Dr. J All-Star SOLD FOR: $188,320

• Jackie Robinson SOLD FOR: $341,779

• '52 Mantle Gamer SOLD FOR: $155,895

• Ruth Called Shot SOLD FOR: $1,056,630

• Circa '85 Gretzky SOLD FOR: $87,846

• Berra Perfect Game SOLD FOR: $564,930

• Mikan Lakers SOLD FOR: $110,400

• John Wooden Jacket SOLD FOR: $183,500

• Ruth Home Run Bat SOLD FOR: $155,628

• Finals MVP Award SOLD FOR: $84,422

• Super Bowl Tickets SOLD FOR: $89,100

• Heisman Trophy SOLD FOR: $300,000

• Fred Brown Ring SOLD FOR: $115,242

• Super Bowl I Ring SOLD FOR: $73,409



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